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Welcome to the TIGAR Support Wiki

The TIGAR Support Wiki provides information for users of the TIGAR (Trusted Intermediary Global Accessible Resources) system. If you are new to the system, we recommend to read a general introduction about the TIGAR system.

Institutions that would like to share their catalog in TIGAR:

To get started, learn about


Existing Users:




As of today, the catalog of Vision Australia is included in the TIGAR system!
Recently added features
Based on high demand, the following new features are now available in the TIGAR system: Filter search results by “date of rights clearance” Using the search screen, you are now able to list titles by the date when rights clearance was obtained. This enables you to browse and search the TIGAR catalog for recently cleared titles. Tip: In order to remove titles that are not cleared for your country,…
The catalog of the DEDICON has been added in the TIGAR system. The DEDICON collection includes some 38 000 titles, which increases the total number records to 280 000, provided by 13 TIs. To access the DEDICON catalog in TIGAR, go to and select DEDICON from the “producer” menu.
Dear TIGAR User, We would like to update you about the developments regarding the TIGAR system. System Enhancements Our development team has been working on many enhancements to the TIGAR system, with the objective to provide you with a better user experience and make the utilization of the system more efficient. See the list of new main feature below. Automated file transfer In order to eliminate the need for participants to manually copy files to the TIGAR system,…
The catalog of the South African Library for the Blind (SALB) has recently been added in the TIGAR system. The SALB collection includes 5876 titles in DAISY Audio format, which increases the total number records to 234138, provided by 12 TIs. To access the SALB catalog in TIGAR, go to and select SALB from the “producer” menu.  
In order to simplify uploading of books in electronic format on the TIGAR system, you are now able to upload directly from the “Upload Request” user interface instead of having to use a separate FTP software. A corresponding link labeled “Upload” has been added to the “Action” column in the list of pending upload requests to access this feature. How to use the upload feature: Click the “Upload” link beside the corresponding title – a new screen will open.…
It has become very clear that the permission clearance approach that enabled us to kick start TIGAR is now becoming a barrier to file exchange activities. At present, only titles for rights holders that have signed the TIGAR Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) are ‘eligible’ for exchange. These are difficult to identify and the significant growth in TIs participating across many countries means it is not practical to approach all publishers and get them to sign the MOU.…
We would like to update you about the developments regarding the TIGAR system over the past months. Inclusion of new collections Work on including new collections from RNZFB (New Zealand) and SBS (Switzerland) in TIGAR was recently completed. Both collections are now available in the TIGAR production system. The RNZFB collection includes 2295 titles in DAISY 2.02 Audio format, mostly English. The SBS collection includes 8141 titles in DAISY 2.02 audio format, mostly German.…
Catalog from RNZFB now included (New Zealand: Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind)
Catalog from SBS now included (Switzerland: Schweizerische Bibliothek für Blinde, Seh- und Lesebehinderte)
Marrakesh Treaty Adopted, Boosts Access to Books for Visually Impaired Persons Worldwide. See WIPO press release for further information.   
The catalog from ABA (Switzerland) and NLS (USA) is now also included in the system.
TIGAR News Update June 2013
We would like to inform you about the latest developments regarding the TIGAR system. Since last Friday, June 7, meta data from NLB (Norway) and CNIB (Canada) is available in the TIGAR production system, in addition to the existing data from ABWA (Australia), MTM (Sweden), Dorina Nowill (Brazil) and Nota (Denmark). This increases the number of titles in the TIGAR catalogue to around 156,000. The Permission Clearance Co-ordinator (PCC),…
The catalog from NLB (Norway) and CNIB (Canada) is available in the TIGAR system.
As from Tuesday 19 March at 10am Geneva time, the first production release of the TIGAR ICT Solution will be available for live use! So what is in the first release of the TIGAR ICT Solution? The system includes catalogue data and electronic files for DAISY and Braille books from Nota, MTM, ABWA, and Dorina Nowill.…


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