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This document describes how to capture the required details for a user document with IPAS for a change of ownership/ representative. It introduces pre-requisites in terms of system configuration parameters that are required and used for reception of a User Document for change of ownership/ representative. It covers the functionality as well as basic data structure of files involved in the same.


At this stage it is expected that the new user document with a configured type for changing the ownership/representative has been received. Please note that below configuration exist for the user document to allow IPAS system to change the ownership details for application.


Following configuration parameters as highlighted in red are required to be done in the IPAS Designer and these indicate the required configuration values for an application reception in the IPAS environment. This can be verified by exporting the IPAS configuration in XML format with IPAS Manager and by editing the configuration file in IPAS Designer.

As shown above, In the User document section, approval triggers for the user document type are set to appropriate type for change of ownership and for change of representative respectively.


  • Changes Ownership - For a user document (to be received) that changes the ownership.
  • Changes Representative - For a user document (to be received) that changes representative.
  • Affect file - Indicator that the user document must affect a file.
  • May affect multiple files - Indicator that the user document may affect multiple files.
  • Generate process - Type of the process to be generated for the user document.


The following below assumes that the reception of a User Document which changes ownership or   representative has already been performed earlier.

Basic Workflow

  •  Navigate to received user document by clicking on “User document”>” Bibliographic data
  • Search the respective user document and click on document id link to update the owner details.
  • Click on “Edit” link from menu and navigate to “New Owners Tab”.
  • Click on “New” link and add details of the owner.
  • Enter the New Owner details like “Name” , “Nationality Country Code”, and “Residence Country Code” (you can also look up the existing owner or populate the existing owner from the affected files and update their details)
  • Click on “Save Changes” to save the new owner details.
  • Verify the affected file and owner details once details are saved successfully.
  • Now click on “Workflow” link from the menu to generate the user document approval action.
  • Click “ New Action
  • In the Select Action Type , select the “Normal Action Type
  • Select the appropriate value from the dropdown for Acceptance of user document for change of ownership / representative.
  • Click “Proceed” to capture the workflow action.
  • On successful execution of the action. The status of the use document should get changed to accepted status and owner(s) details of the affected file should get changed with newly added ownership details.

Same process as described above can be executed for change of representative but in that case you need to enter the details of the representatives in respective “Reps” (Representative) tabs of user document bibliographic screen.

You can navigate to change log by clicking on the “Changes Log” menu and see the “Before” and “After” owners of the Trademark/ Patent/ Industrial design application.

Alternative Flow

Expected Result

Once above process is completed successfully, the system should show the newly received user document with all the details in a view mode in its workflow screen and updated ownership/representative details in application file.

Further actions

Related Use Cases

Other related use cases may be added in the FAQ:

  • Receive a User Document that affects another User Document
  • Receive a User Document which affects multiple files.
  • Receive a User Document which affects a single file.


Affected Data Structure

Additional database information is provided in this section to facilitate IPAS support activities in the IP Office only. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to make any changes directly in IPAS database tables.

When USER DOCUMENT is received in IPAS, following database tables are affected:

  • IP_DAILY_LOG record is updated with the last assigned internal document number of the related date
  • New records are created in IP_DOC  and IP_DOC_FILES  for each affected file if applicable; this is to track basic document information
  • New records are created in IP_USERDOC and IP_USERDOC_TYPES ; this is to track specific details of user document
  • New records are created in IP_USERDOC_PROCS and IP_PROC; this is to track workflow process of the user document
  • New record is created in IP_DOC_PAYMENTS is created if details are captured at reception

It should be noted that additional database tables will also be affected if other configuration parameters are set such as EDMS related mappings. But this will be covered in the related use cases.

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