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This document describes how to receive a user document for renewal of an industrial design. It introduces pre-requisites in terms of system configuration parameters that are required on the user document, used for renewal of the affected industrial design. The functionality as well as basic data structure that is affected in the reception process of the renewal user document is also covered in this document.



Following configuration parameters as highlighted in red in figure below are required to specify in the mapping of the user document type for renewal of application with other parameters.

  • User Document type: as the name suggests, type of user document
  • User Document name: a common name to identify the document
  • Document sequence: select to choose the pattern to generate sequence number for this document
  • Affects file: indicates that user document must affect a file
  • May affect multiple files: indicates that user document may affect a file
  • Auto create: indicates whether bibliographical data will be inserted for this document or not
  • Generate process: select to choose the process with which this user document will be associated
  • Renewal: indicates that the user document is for renewing of the application

Daily Log

The concept of daily log in IPAS is to allow the IP Office to track how many incoming user documents (including applications) are received and outgoing office documents are sent on a given date for a particular office location of the IP Office (i.e. document origin) where the document is filed. For this, IPAS system maintains internally a unique sequential number for each document. The range of the first and last internal document numbers received or sent is tracked in the related daily log.

Before proceeding to receive a user document, please ensure that you have a daily log in open state for the required date. Daily logs are managed with IPAS administrator interface.


Basic Flow

To Receive a renewal user document, please follow the below steps:

  • Login into IPAS web interface.
  • Click on the navigation links “Reception and notification” > “Input document reception”.
  • Select the values for “Document Origin” and “Reception Date
  • Tick the “Non Interactive Reception” checkbox if the reception date is not the current system date. This is required while recording a reception with a past date in case of delayed reception
  • Click the navigation links “Proceed” > “User document”.
  • Select appropriate user document type from User Document Type drop-down. Please make sure you select the user document which is configured to renew the application.
  • Enter affected application/file details which needs to be renewed in affected file sequence, affected file type, affected file series and affected file number.
  • Enter the payment details.
  • Click on the navigation links “Next”. Verify the information entered and click on “Receive”.
  • Print the receipt for the applicant/agent.

The reception of application is completed at this point.

Expected Result

Once above process is completed successfully, the print receipt for the received user document should show the user document, affected application, date of reception and other details.

The text in the print receipt should look something like below:


ID Renewal with Fees number P/2014-000006 Inscriptions/2014-000001 received on 01/07/2014 00:00:00 by IPAS31

Affects file DZ/D/2007/00002 Sujoy's Industrial Design


Affected Data Structure

Additional database information is provided in this section to facilitate IPAS support activities in the IP Office only. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to make any changes directly in IPAS database tables.


When configuration parameters are modified for the user document type, CF_USERDOC_TYPE database table gets affected:

  • IP_DAILY_LOG record is updated with the last assigned internal document number of the related date
  • New records are created in IP_DOC  and IP_DOC_FILES  for each affected file if applicable; this is to track basic document information
  • New records are created in DO_EFOLDER , DO_EDOC; this is to track specific details of application file and documents in EDMS
  • New record is created in IP_DOC_PAYMENTS is created if details are captured at reception




While receiving the application, the system may show the error as “No daily log book exists for that date”.

This means for the selected document origin and reception date no daily log is found or the daily log exists but it is not open. Please make sure daily log is created for the recepion date and in open state.

Document for the following file has not been mapped to the e-doc module yet: DZ/P/2013/7

In case of EDMS is activated in IPAS, Please make sure e-doc mapping are specified for this user document type.

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