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In 2020, the work aimed at increasing the indicator, reflecting “a share of citizens, using the digital mechanism of public services” was continued. The conducted activities were focused on the improvement of the functional range of personal accounts for electronic services and information user support, including answers for questions, incoming through the technical support service. There were conducted relevant regular meetings on how to work with digital services, to update the information, published within the “Filing Application” section at FIPS webpage

The above-mentioned activities allowed to achieve in 2020 that 87% of all national applications for trademarks were filed electronically.


In 2020, the number of requests for the provision of public services (hereinafter referred to as requests) filed with Rospatent electronically increased by 8% compared to 2019.The list of measures aimed at increasing applicants’ interest in applying electronically for the provision of government services is as follows: 1 

1. Expanding the functionality of electronic interaction services. In 2020, a new version has become available to users of the AWP "Registrar" service, which provides a comfortable environment for filing applications and maintaining office work. 2 

2. Conducting monthly thematic meetings for FIPS specialists with users of electronic filing services for applications for inventions and utility models, applicants and representatives thereof, as well as all those wishing to participate in the process of electronic interaction with Rospatent and FIPS when submitting and reviewing applications. 3 

3. Posting of educational video materials and programs on the FIPS website. Users become more interested in e-filing mechanisms and digital interaction, this brings the increased number of views under tutorial videos, posted within the “Application filing” section, which exceeded 45’000 views, this shows the triple boost in contrast to the last year. 4 

4. The FIPS technical support service is conducting a review of requests from users of electronic services. In 2020, about 5’000 requests were considered. 5 

5. Any interested person may obtain the necessary knowledge and practical experience in preparing documentation electronically for applications for the grant of a patent for an invention or utility model. One-to-one training is conducted in the computer room of the patent library and is free of charge.


The increase in the number of registered trademarks in 2020 compared to 2019 was due to an increase in this indicator for Russian applicants (by 3.81%), while there is a slight decline for foreign applicants (by 0.77%) due to national applications.

Table 1




% 2020

to 2019

Total number of trademark and service mark applications filed, including:




- by Russian applicants




- by foreign applicants




of which under international registration procedures




Total number of trademarks and service marks registered,





- in the name of Russian applicants




- in the name of foreign applicants




of which under international registration procedures




Other matters and useful links (URLs): annual report of the Office, news page, statistics, etc.


Rospatent publications on trademarks are presented in Table 2.

Тable 2

Publication Title

Form of Publication

Frequency of Publication

Official publications of Rospatent on trademarks, service marks, appellations of origin and certificates for the right to use an appellation of origin

Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin Official Gazette, including the following sections: 

Trademarks and Service Marks applications

Bibliographic data; images (where available); list of goods and/or services (where available)

Twice per month 
(24 issues per year)

Geographical indications and applications for the Appellations of Origin

Information on applications filed for the State registration of geographical indications; information on State registration of geographical indications and granting of the exclusive right to such geographical indications; information on appellations of origin, identification of the goods for which the appellations of origin are registered and/or the exclusive right is granted.

Trademarks and service marks

Bibliographical data, images, list of goods and/or services.

Appellations of origin

Bibliographic data, appellations of origin, indications of goods, and also indications of a place of origin (production) of a good (borders of the geographical subject).

Information concerning certificates for the right to use an appellation of origin is also published.

Trademarks Well-Known in the Russian Federation

Information related to the granting of legal protection to well-known trademarks included in the List of well-known trademarks in the Russian Federation


Information on the changes made to the Electronic State Registers of Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin and the List of Trademarks Well-Known in the Russian Federation is published.

Information is supplied by the corresponding subdivisions of the Institute and Rospatent in the established form.

In this section notifications concerning trademarks protected in Russian Federation due to international registration are also published.

Court decisions on the infringement of patent owners’ rights

Court decisions on infringement of patent owners’ rights (at the request of a patent owner)

Annual Rospatent Activity Report for 2020 (on the website)

Structure and composition of data determined by Rospatent

Once per year

During 2020, the Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin Official Gazette has been posted on the website of the Federal State Budgetary Institution, the Federal Institute of Industrial Property, which is subordinate to Rospatent, in the Official Publications section, and is freely available, constituting a functional and comprehensive information source. The ISSN number is 2313-7452. Gazette documents are in PDF format.