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This tab is used to record into the system, associations between similar Trademarks
belonging to the same owner. The example below, Trademark number ‘38619’ shows
three (3) applications for the owner ‘STARBUCKS CORPORATION D/B/A STARBUCKS
COFFEE COMPANY, [US]’ where all of the Marks have the word ‘Starbucks’ in their

The Trademark ‘38619’ was associated to Trademark ‘38618’, ‘38617’ and ‘37691’.
This means that an entry has to be done to all the associated Trademarks so that all four
(4) Trademarks will have an association to the other three (3) Trademarks.

This information is entered into the system on this page with an entry for each
Trademark. All fields are mandatory. Information captured for this feature include:-
· ‘Relationship Type And Role’ – ‘Association with’
· ‘File Sequence’ e.g. ‘Trinidad IPO’
· ‘File Type’ e.g. ‘Mark File’
· ‘File Series’ e.g. ‘1’
· ‘File Number’ e.g. ‘38618’
· Click on ‘Update highlighted’ from the sub menu.
· Click ‘Save all Changes’ from the main menu. If the wrong selection was made,
click on ‘Discard Changes’ to undo the action. Any error messages will be
highlighted in ‘pink’ towards the top of the page, under the main menu.
This process is repeated for the other associated Trademarks as seen in the screen shot