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This Wiki Space provides information of interest to access and participate in the discussions of Task Forces of the Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS).

In order to ensure the flexibility required to allow involvement of a maximum number of representatives worldwide, Task Forces generally conduct their discussions via Wiki e-forums in English.  As needed, Task Forces may also hold meetings in person.

Information about current CWS Task Forces and discussions that have been completed by former Task Forces, including related documentation, is available at the CWS Task Forces Web page.

Instructions for participating in the discussions

Participation in the works of Task Forces is restricted to members and observers of the CWS.

In order to participate in the Task Force discussions, a person nominated by the Office corresponding office or organization as the Task Force member should create a WIPO User Center Account and then validate it following the instructions received by e-mail.

When validating the account, the representative will be asked to create a username to be used when accessing Wiki Space.  It is recommended that the username is preceded by the ST.3 code of your Office separated by a dash (e.g., “ca-jsmith”).

Once the account is created, the following details should be sent to the International Bureau at

  • Name of Office/Organization;
  • Last name, First name (Mr./Mrs./Ms.);
  • Position in the Office;
  • WIPO User Center ID (username created following the above instructions);
  • E-mail address used when creating WIPO User Center account;
  • Name of the corresponding Task Force.

When the details listed above are processed by the International Bureau, the nominees will receive the confirmation that they can access the Wiki Space.

For further information please contact the International Bureau at