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This document describes how to perform a search to find all the marks falling under a particular Nice class with IPAS version 2.7.0. It introduces pre-requisites in terms of system configuration parameters that are required and used for search of the marks.



Basic configuration required for application reception and data capture is sufficient.

Basic configuration parameters required for application reception and data capture are further detailed in IPAS Designer documentation and related use cases.

Apart from the basic configuration, the Nice classes must be configured in IPAS as mentioned below:

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As shown above, basic mandatory configuration parameters for Nice class are:

  • Nice class code:  a unique numeric code to identify this Nice class inside IPAS.
  • Nice class name : Name for Nice class
  • Class detail:  Detail of the goods and services in the class, to be used for initialization of class detail in trademarks

Normally, you can find the file “NIVILO.xml” with IPAS release in “Config” folder, which contains the configuration for NICE, Vienna and Locarno classes.

Here it is assumed that applications are already received and its details are captured with mandatory and required details including the nice classes.


Basic Flow

To perform a mark search based on Nice class, please follow the below steps:

  • Login into IPAS web interface.
  • Click on the navigation links “Trademarks” > “Bibliographic Data” > “More Criteria” > “By Mark”
  • Specify the number ‘12’ in the field “List Of Nice Classes”  
  • Click on “Search all” link

The list of all trademarks that fall under the Nice class 12 will be displayed as shown below:

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Additional Flow

1.-The following steps are related to adding the trademark files to a process group. They are required if you need to take the same action on multiple files having the same Nice class.

  • To associate the files having the same Nice class to a process group, do the following.
  • Select the files which are to be added to the process group. Click on ‘Select/Deselect All’ link to select all the files at once.
  • Click on the link ‘Add selected to process group’
  • Select the ‘Target Process Group’
  • Click on ‘Proceed’ link
  • The selected files get added to the process group

2.-Sorting :

The following steps are related to sorting the listed file records based on the filing number, filing date, etc.

  • To sort the listed file records, do the following.
  • Click on the ‘Sort’ link
  • Specify the criteria in the ‘Sort By’ dropdown
  • Click on ‘Sort’ link again to submit the criteria
  • The listed file records will be sorted based on the criteria selected


3.-Report list:

The following steps are related to generating the reports.

  • To generate the reports, do the following.
  • Click on the ‘Report list’ Link
  • Specify the ‘Report file path’ and ‘Printing view option’
  • Click on the ‘Print’ Link
  • The report will be generated based on the selected view option

  4.-Show / Hide Logos:

These links will show or hide the logos of the listed file records respectively.

Alternative Flow

Expected Result

Once above process is completed successfully, all the trademarks falling under the Nice class 12 would be listed on the Select Trademark screen.

Further actions

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