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Generate Certificates
Once the Bulletin has been disseminated, the examiner generates the certificates which are stored on the Internet server.

The user in PUB selects to generate the registration certificates for the items included in an already published bulletin B. The PUB module extracts all the data to be included in the Certificate from the first entry in the Registry (the registration of the application).

The data to be included in the Certificate are:

• All the data recorded in the first entry in the Registry. If Publication in part B of the Bulletin has not been done yet, the respective field (i.e. the date of the Publication in part B of the Bulletin) shall not be shown in the Certificate.
• The Registration Date
• The PUB module generates an XML file containing all the information for the Certificate.
The PUB module converts the XML format Certificate to PDF format. Once the Certificate is in PDF format, the PUB module stores a copy of it at M:\ shared folder, keeping the structure of one folder per week.

The PUB module also generates the letter L-304 to accompany the Certificate and store it in the same folder.

The issuance of the Certificate and L-304 shall be done by an external company, the external company shall gather the Certificates and standard letters from the shared folder, print them and send them to the corresponding person.

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