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Annual Technical Report 2004 on Trademark Information Activities submitted by Slovenia (SCIT/ATR/TM/2004/SI)


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I. Evolution of registration activities

Changes experienced in terms of application filings and registrations with respect to the previous year:

National applications: 2132 in 2004 (+ 8,4%)
1967 in 2003

National registrations: 2152 in 2004
1416 in 2003

International applications under Madrid system based on Slovenian trademarks: 189 in 2004 (+33 applications comparing to the previous year)

International registrations under Madrid system with effect in Slovenia: 6828 in 2004 (- 948 registrations comparing to the previous year)

Trends or areas experiencing rapid changes with respect to the previous year: In the year 2004 the number of national applications and registrations increased as well as in filings of international applications based on Slovenian national marks. A general trend for an increasing could not be observed, the high level of this year was reached because of the accession of Slovenia to the European Union. The increase of the share of domestic applicants continues. Also the number of effective trademark rights has increased. At the end of 2004 there were 129.113 trademarks in force, out of which 23.095 were registered through national route and 106.018 through Madrid system. The majority of applications were filed in the class 35, 41 and 42. The integration to the EU entailed that the effect of registered CTM also extend to Slovenia. In spite of the possibility of a CTM filing the number of request for nternational registration under Madrid Agreement and Protocol on the basis of domestic marks increased. Due to its advantages Slovenian applicants prefer Madrid system to CTM system.

II. Matters concerning the generation, reproduction, and distribution of secondary sources of trademark information, i.e., trademark gazettes

Information concerning Slovenian trademarks is published in a separate part of the Official Bulletin of the Industrial Property Office (BIL), issued bi-monthly in 250 copies. Main types of annoucements are: trademark applications, trademark registrations, rejected and withdrawn applications, changes and rectifications.

Searc database with current data of trademark applications and registrations is accessible free-of-charge on the Internet ( The avergae number of daily queries for this database in the year 2004 is 291 (including non-working days). The biblographic data of the database is updated daily, reproductions are addes weekly.

III. Matters concerning classifying, reclassifying and indexing of trademark information

Goods and services are classified according to the 8th edition of International Classification of Goods and Services (Nice Classification). Applicants should classify goods and services properly. Figurative elements of trademarks are classified according to the last edition of Vienna Classification. The work on both classification is done by the examiners There is no obligation to use pre-defined terms of Nice Classification. In order to assist the applicants in the classification of goods and services, the translation into Slovenian language is published on the web site of the Office.

The basic bibliographic data (name of applicant, name of representative, name of trademark, classes of goods and services) of all applications are entered into Office's database within 10 days from the receipt of the application.

IV. Trademark manual search file establishment and upkeep

Slovenian Intellectual Property Office does not perform any manual search.

Trademark bulletins from other offices, ROMARN CDs and CTM information are received.

V. Activities in the field of computerized trademark search systems

In- house systems (online/offline) and external databases: An information system accessible for public is available on the Office's web page ( and allows its users to search within the national trademark database, international trademarks (Romarin database) and links to the CTM Online.

Administrative management systems (e.g., register, legal status, statistics, administrative support, etc.): National trademark applications and international applications having effect in Slovenia are handled by an electronically assited administrative system. The register of national trademarks is not available in an electronic version.

Equipment used (hardware, including the types of terminal and network used, and software) carriers used:

- 2Mbit/s leased line used for Internet connections, CISCO Network Equipment (LAN based on Fast Ethernet and Gigabit solutions)
- Digital Alpha 2100 mainframe with Open VMS operating system and RMS for database, terminals VT 420 and VT 510
- Windows environment: NT4.0 and 2003 for servers; workstations Compaq/HP Pentium with NT4.0 and XP

VI. Administration of trademark services available to the public (relating to facilities, e.g., for lodging applications, registering trademarks, assisting clients with search procedures, obtaining official publications and registry extracts)

The Slovenian Intellectual property Office offers free information services concerning questions on legal matters, on details of registration procedure, on international trademarks in force in Slovenia and about CTM of the European Union. The inquiry can be made personally, by telephone, in written or in the library by »self-service« but with support of the personnel, if required.

VII. Matters concerning mutual exchange of trademark documentation and information

Official bulletins in paper from other offices are received on exchange basis.

VIII. Matters concerning education and training including technical assistance to developing countries

Numerous seminars on industrial property protection including trademark matter (national and international procedures, CTM procedure, opposition procedure, search systems) were organized.Target groups for these activities are enterprises, trademark agents and students. The catalogues for ach seminar are prepared. The Office has intesified its contacts with national offices of Hungary, Austria, Croatia, United Kingdom and France.

IX. Other relevant matters

For further information about activities of the office in 2004 please refer also to the Annual report of the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office.