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In 2013, the Office's reading room has been visited by 1 242 users and 1 218 of it were from the public. In total there were provided 6 142 borrowings of patent and other literature made available to the public and 19 554 copies of patent documents and other industrial property documents for the manual and computer search purposes, as well as copies from technical periodicals and other associated and non-patent literature were made. In 2013 there were performed 9 design searches and 40 searches on bibliographic data.

The Office's reading room serves as a WIPO deposit library as well. The deposit library fund includes 196 volumes of publications issued by WIPO, which are available for study in reading room.

The Office's reading room including the search workstation opens daily from 8:00 to 15:00.

In 2013, within the frame of mutual exchange of industrial-property information, the IPO SR continued in receiving of design information in the form of official gazettes. Non-patent literature was acquired mostly by purchase or as a gift and processed, stored according to librarian rules and made available via in-house database system "KnižnicaKnižnica" to the staff.

Patent Information Centres and Contact and Information Points

Since 2003 the Office has established 10 contact and information points, while four of them are the Patent Information Centres. They are located in state, regional and district libraries as well as in the Slovak National Library (SNK) in Martin and Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (CVTI) in Bratislava. A list of centres and points is available on the Office's web site

The main goal of patent information centres is to provide complex information services in the field of patent, trademark and industrial design information, search services, consultation and methodical assistance concerning the searching of information, making copies of required patent documents, printing records from electronic form etc. Every patent information centre serve as a contact and information point.

The main goal of contact and information points of the Office is to inform the public about where can apply for protection of the results of creative activity, and particularly to inform the general public about the existence of the national institution, which protects immaterial goods, industrial property.

The Office supported the activity of centres and contact and information points by regular sending Slovak patent specifications in paper form and the Official Gazette in electronic form, as well as all information materials and resources made available to the public, publications published by Office, information pamphlets, documents and forms relating to applying for protection of industrial property rights, access to office's databases via Internet etc.

Information and Advisory Points for Innovations (InnoInfo)

The mission of InnoInfo centres operating in the regions of Slovakia is to orientate especially the small and medium sized entrepreneurs in the field of innovations and industrial property. InnoInfo centres are established in business incubators, regional advisory and information centres, regional chambers of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry and at the Universities of technical orientation.

In 2013 the Office co-operated particularly with Incubator Malacky and with University Technological Incubator of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, and also with Košice Regional Chamber of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (We have to also point out the co-operation with the SCSTI of SR in Bratislava and the Slovak Scientific Library in Košice as PATLIB Centres.) The co-operation with the Slovak Library of Forestry and Wood Sciences in Zvolen, with the Technical University in Zvolen and with the Faculty of Industrial Technology in Púchov developed in a promising way.