The WIPO Digital Access Service (DAS, also known as the Priority Document Digital Access Service) is a system allowing priority documents to be exchanged directly between Offices instead of requiring the applicant to request and forward certified copies of patent applications to support priority claims.  The system provides for applicants and offices to securely exchange documents, meeting the needs of the Paris Convention for certification.

These pages provide a forum for consultations on the Framework Provisions, technical specifications and related topics for the Digital Access Service.

Consultative Group

The system is governed by a set of Framework Provisions, which provide for a Consultative Group to provide advice on:

These wiki pages are provided to support the work of the Consultative Group. Representatives need to log in to post comments on the forum (as comments on the wiki pages).  Read-only access is available to anyone with or without a login.


Membership of the group (paragraph 21 of the Framework Provisions) is open to:

Each member of the group may nominate one or more representatives in accordance with the procedure below, which also applies to adding or changing representatives.

Requesting an account and access to the forum

This is a two stage process (if you already have an account used for a WIPO Wiki, the same account can be used here):

When you have an account, send an e-mail to including the following information:

We will then add you to the list of users who can post comments to the forum.

Subscribing to notifications listings

WIPO publishes notifications from Offices in regards to their participation in DAS and particularly the scope of documents deposited by Offices and notifies the Consultative Group members by electronic mails including links to where they may be found on the WIPO DAS site.

If you wish to be informed by electronic mail of the last notifications published, please subscribe with your electronic address