Request to Open a Current Account at WIPO

A Current Account at WIPO is a special financial account administered by WIPO, for payments relating to the registration of international marks, industrial designs, PCT patent filings, and other transactions. All transactions are processed in Swiss francs (CHF). An initial deposit (at least CHF2'000) must be wired to WIPO. The deposit note/reference should state: "To open a Current Account at WIPO."

Upon receipt of this form and the initial deposit, your Current Account at WIPO will be activated. You will receive confirmation and account details by e-mail.


Company / customer details

Industrial designs      
(Max size: 2 MB ; File type: .pdf, .jpg or .gif)

Examples: your company's registration certificate, registration extract, incorporation certificate, extract of registry of registered associates/partners, lawyers registry extract, VAT registration or, for individuals, copy of your passport.

I declare that I will use my WIPO Current Account on a regular basis and I accept all the conditions laid out in the document entitled "Conditions for opening, using and closing a Current Account at WIPO".

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