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This page provides quick links to main WIPO web applications that require login with a WIPO Account.

e-Learning Center – Register for and access WIPO Academy distance learning courses.

Web applications for IP services


  • ePCT – Efficient filing and management of international patent applications (PCT)
  • WIPO DAS – Securely exchange priority documents between participating IP offices
  • PATENTSCOPE – Search more than 70 million patent documents, including 3.3 million published PCT applications
  • PCT Time Limit Calculator – Estimate essential PCT Time Limits
  • WIPO Pearl – Access to scientific and technical terms derived from patent documents
  • WIPO Case – Securely share search and examination documentation related to patent applications


  • Global Brand Database – Access more than 36,860,000 records from some 40 national and international collections
  • Madrid Goods & Services Manager – Compile and verify the list of goods and services to be covered by your international trademark registration.
  • Madrid Member Profiles Database – Learn about the laws and practices of trademark offices of Madrid System members.
  • Madrid Fee Calculator – Estimate the fees for an international application
  • Madrid e-Renewal – Renew your international trademark registration online in multiple countries
  • e-Subsequent Designation – Apply online to expand the geographical scope of your international trademark registration
  • e-Payment – Pay fees as notified in WIPO irregularity letters or other WIPO communications
  • Madrid System forms – Access all forms required for the international registration of a mark


  • eHague – File an industrial design application through the Hague System


  • Current Account at WIPO – Use this financial account administered by WIPO to make payments relating to any WIPO Service