WIPO Green


WIPO GREEN is governed by the Advisory Board and the Secretariat under the rules laid out in the WIPO GREEN Charter.

Advisory Board

The WIPO GREEN Advisory Board comprises of partners and the WIPO Secretariat, and guides the activities of WIPO GREEN.  The Board is a consultative and counselling body, which does not exercise any influence over WIPO's overarching programs and budget.

WIPO GREEN Secretariat

In cooperation and collaboration with members, the WIPO GREEN Secretariat ensures the day-to-day functioning of WIPO GREEN. This includes a range of activities from managing the WIPO GREEN Database and Network, to developing support and training initiatives, promoting information/knowledge-sharing, forging links to similar networks, and much more.


All partners of WIPO GREEN must endorse in writing the WIPO GREEN Charter and abide by its principles.

Download a PDF copy of the WIPO GREEN Charter in:

  • English PDF, WIPO GREEN Charter, English
  • French PDF, WIPO GREEN Charter, French
  • Spanish PDF, WIPO GREEN Charter, Spanish
  • Portuguese PDF, WIPO GREEN Charter, Portugese
  • Russian PDF, WIPO GREEN Charter, Russian
  • Chinese PDF, WIPO GREEN Charter, Chinese
  • Arabic PDF, WIPO GREEN Charter, Arabic
  • Japanese PDF, WIPO GREEN Charter, Japanese