WIPO Green


Membership of the WIPO GREEN network gives access to the knowledge, skills and information necessary to help spread green technologies throughout the world.

Members of the WIPO GREEN Network include partners and users. A partner can be a public or private sector institution that:

  • supports WIPO GREEN and/or provides advice;
  • facilitates transactions directly or indirectly
  • contributes its expertise or submits a needs announcement;
  • involves WIPO GREEN in specific activities; or
  • acts as a regional/national focal point.

A user on the other hand can be any public or private sector institution that contributes to the WIPO GREEN database (by uploading a technology or an annoucement of need) or provides services. Certain WIPO services, (for example arbitration and mediation) are accessible to users at a discounted rate.

N.B. A user may also be a partner and vice versa.

(Photo: istock.com/Yuri)

How can I become a partner?

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us with details of your proposed contribution, together with an acceptance of the WIPO GREEN Charter.

Browse our list of current partners.

How can I become a user?

Simply register online and accept the WIPO GREEN Terms and Conditions. Once you have done this, you will be able to upload technologies, submit annoucements of need, and list your services in the Roster of Service Providers.