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Annual Technical Report 2009 on Industrial Design Information Activities submitted by Czech Republic (CWS/ATR/ID/2009/CZ)

Where URLs are requested below, it is preferred that either URLs which are likely to remain stable over time (three years or more) are provided, or home (main) page URLs are provided with a short explanation of how to access the corresponding information.

The expression "industrial designs" covers industrial designs and models. Offices which issue design patents should report their design patent information activities in this series of Annual Technical Reports.

I. Evolution of registration activities

Changes experienced in terms of application filings and grants (registrations) with respect to the previous year

National design application 429 in 2009 + 41% compared to 2008 (305)
- submitted by domestic applicants 406 in 2009 + 41% compared to 2008 (288)
- submitted by foreign applicants 23 in 2009 + 35% compared to 2008 (17)
- number of designs contained 1215 in 2009 + 16% compared to 2008 (1045)
Registered designs 312 in 2009 - 10% compared to 2008 (348)
- domestic applicants 297 in 2009 - 2% compared to 2008 (304)
- foreign applicants 15 in 2009 - 66% compared to 2008 (44)
- number of designs contained 953 in 2009 - 12% compared to 2008 (1083)

Trends or areas experiencing rapid changes with respect to the previous year

The number of application and designs filed had been declining in long term until year 2008. The trend reversed in 2009, the number of national applications raised by 41% in year-on-year comparison and the number of designs contained in these application raised by 16%. The number of national application submitted by domestic applicants raised by 41%, submitted by foreign applicants raised by 35%. The number of registered designs dropped by 10% and the number of designs contained dropped by 12% compared to 2008.

URLs of web pages of the Office’s website that provide statistics related to industrial designs

Since 1996 the Annual Reports and statistics are available on the Office’s website:

II. Matters concerning the generation, reproduction, and distribution of industrial design documents and of secondary sources of industrial design information, i.e., official gazettes

Publishing, including printing, copying techniques and electronic printing

Lists of designs which have been registered, renewed, corrected, or which have requested restoration are published weekly in the Official Bulletin of the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic. Starting from 2007 this is an electronic only weekly (updated on Wednesday) bulletin published on the Office´s web site ( No prior registration or subscription to view the Bulletin are needed, however the Adobe Reader viewer must be downloaded. The information as published should be the authentic one for legal purposes.

Main types of announcements of the Office in the field of industrial design information

Office notices are published in the weekly electronic bulletin; the Official Bulletin of the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic. Notices are also published on the Office’s web site.

Mass storage media and microforms used

Mass storage device - SAN, Workstations - HP, WINDOWS XP, OFFICE – 2003/ 2007 software and the ORACLE 10.1 database.
The office uses CD, DVD and magnetic tapes as data carriers. The type of network used is ETHERNET.

Databases and office automation

Registered designs are searchable in the public database. It provides a range of search options including proprietor, designer, service agent, image, indication of the product, legal status, date of filing, registration and publication, and Locarno class. The Official Bulletin picks up data from the internal database.

URLs of web pages of the Office’s website that provide access to online industrial design gazettes and to other sources of industrial design information, including download of bulk industrial design data

The Official Bulletin URL:

The public database URL:

III. Matters concerning classifying, reclassifying and indexing of industrial design information according to the classification systems applied

Classification and reclassification activities; Classification system used, e.g., International Classification for Industrial Designs (Locarno Classification), other classification (please indicate whether industrial designs are classified by your Office and, if so, which classification is used)

The 9th edition of the Locarno Classification has been used since January 1, 2009; The Office reclassified all registered designs according to this latest edition.

Bibliographic data and processing

Registered designs are searchable by proprietor as well as the former proprietor, designer, service agent, by date of filing, registration and publication, by number of application and registration, and by indication of the product.

IV. Search file establishment and upkeep

File building

The industrial design search file consists of the collection of registered industrial designs of the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia. The full retrospective collection of registered industrial designs is accessible via public database. The database contains bibliographic data as well as images of approx. 30 947 registered industrial designs. The oldest data comes from the 1966/67 turn of the year.


The data is updated daily.

Storage, including mass storage media

The data is stored electronically (official databases, hard discs, magnetic tapes for backup) and in a paper version.

Documentation from other offices maintained and/or considered part of the available search file

Official bulletins of foreign offices are available in an electronic form or in a paper version.

V. Activities in the field of computerized search systems for industrial designs

In-house systems (online/offline)

The Office maintains the in-house search database of national applications and registered industrial designs. The database is not accessible to the public but its structure corresponds to the public database.

External databases

The Office provides publicly free access to the database comprising the data concerning the Czech national registered industrial designs on the IPO CZ website

The Office and users can also perform searches in the public accessible databases provided freely on the Internet by the other national offices. The Office regularly uses also the “RCD Online” database (maintained by OHIM) which provide access to the registered Community designs and the “Hague Express” database (maintained by WIPO) which contains the international industrial designs. The links to these databases are provided on the Office´s web site (

Administrative management systems (e.g., register, legal status, statistics and administrative support)

The Office uses the internal information system (IS SyPP) to proceed the applications of patents, supplementary patent certificates, utility models, industrial designs, geographical indications and trade marks. The system is flexible and applicable enough to maintain the official registers of all the industrial property rights. The system archives all incoming and outgoing communications of the Office, provides the information on the state of proceeding, legal status of registrations and statistical data. The data are transferred to the electronic Official Bulletin and to the public search database. Starting from November 2002, the system is compatible with electronic filing recognizing authorized electronic certificates. The on-line filing system was launched in August 2006. Starting from January 2008, the system produces automatic electronic extracts from registers upon online request.

Equipment used (hardware, including the types of terminal and network used, and software), data carriers used

Workstations - HP, processor 3 GHz, RAM 1 GB, HDD 160 GB. 300 workstations connected in the Office network are of the Office staff direct service. Thereof 50 computers connected in the Office network are intended for the clients of the Office and staff training service. The Office uses the ETHERNET network and computers run WINDOWS XP and MS OFFICE - 2003/2007 software and the ORACLE 10.1 database. The Office uses CD, DVD and magnetic tapes as data mediums.

VI. Administration of industrial design information products and services available to the public (relating to facilities, e.g., for lodging applications, registering designs, assisting clients with search procedures, obtaining official publications and registry extracts)

Planning, administration, automation, security

Applications for design registration can be filed by post, in person, by fax or electronically (with electronic signature) to the Office . Wide range of requests may be submitted electronically via user-friendly interface.

Bibliographic details of applications are entered into SyPP manually if the application is filed in paper or automatically if the application is filed via online filing facility. The applicants receive confirmation of filing via post upon their request or electronically if application is filed online. The application file can be inspected after publishing the registration via the Office´s web site (URL:

Collection management, preservation

Extended safety is secured via SSL.
Backing up of data changes is done twice a week. Full back up of data is on weekly basis. Backed up files are preserved for 4 weeks.

Information services available to the public (including computerized services and search files contained in libraries remote from your Office and industrial design information posted by your Office on the World Wide Web)

The information centre and help desk operate during the working days. They provide the public with general information concerning design protection.

The industrial design collections and the Internet access are available in the public reading room of the Office´s library. The public reading room staff carries out personal assistance and consultations.
The Office´s web site provides a wide range of information including basic information on IP rights, filing and registration instructions, fee information and full texts of legal documents. All valid forms are printable. An Interactive facility for filing applications and submitting requests is available online. Entries can be downloaded and stored. The facility requires electronic authorized certificate, which substitutes signature.

The Office provides full range of brochures and guides free of charge. They can be downloaded in PDF format from the Office´s web site, picked up in the office headquarters or sent upon request. The Office publishes its own books and the Industrial Property Journal (6 issues per year) reflecting the current issues of IP rights.

The Office provides searches on commercial basis.

URLs of web pages of the Office's website for electronic filing of industrial design applications

Online Filing:

URLs of web pages of the Office’s website that provide information on business procedures such as: filing, publication, examination and registration procedures related to industrial designs; opposition and appeal procedures related to industrial designs; etc.

Protection of Industrial Designs:
ACT No. 207/2000 Coll. of 21 June 2000, on the Protection of Industrial Designs:

URLs of web pages of the Office’s website that provide a description of information products and services offered by the Office (e.g., industrial design search service(s) and industrial design databases), as well as information on how to access and utilize them

The Office web site:
Information on Services:
Industrial Designs Databases:
Classification of Industrial Designs:

VII. Matters concerning mutual exchange of industrial design documentation and information

International or regional cooperation in the exchange of industrial design information, e.g., in the form of official gazettes

The last paper series were provided in 2007 since the Official Bulletin of the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic is published exclusively in electronic form on weekly bases as of the beginning 2007. The paper version has been discontinued.
Electronic version of the Official Bulletin is accessible on the Office´s web site:

Exchange of machine-readable information, e.g., data contained on CD-ROM or magnetic tape

There is no international or regional cooperation in the exchange of machine-readable information on industrial designs. The exchange of statistical data proceeds with OHIM and WIPO by mail post.

VIII. Matters concerning education and training, including technical assistance to developing countries (please indicate URLs of web pages of the Office’s website wherever appropriate)

Promotional activities (seminars, exhibitions, visits, advertising, etc.)

The Office presented its information activities and products at the following exhibitions and trade fairs:
International Machinery Trade Fair (Brno, CZ)
FOR INDUSTRY 2009 (Prague, CZ)
FOR ARCH 2009 (Prague, CZ)
TENDENCE 2009 (Prague, CZ)
AMPER 2009
Innovation 2009 (Prague, CZ)
IENA - Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations (Nurnberg, DE)
PATLIB 2009 (Sofia, BG)

The Office publishes the Industrial Property Journal six times a year.

Training courses for national and foreign participants

The Czech IPO regularly organizes wide range of training courses and seminars for students, SMEs, research institutions and public. The training courses are aimed at improving search skills and techniques in the national and foreign IP databases. The seminars reflect current issues of Patent Cooperation Treaty, Euroasian Patent System, enforcement of intellectual property rights or protection of IP rights worldwide, disseminating IP knowledge in universities. University students are invited for excursions and guided tours around the Office´s premises.

The Czech IPO has its own educational facility - the Industrial Property Training Institute, which holds two-year training courses on industrial property rights.

The Office cooperates with Regional Patent Information Centers (PATLIBs) on providing training and education.

Assistance to developing countries (sending consultants and experts, receiving trainees from developing countries, etc.)

The fourteen-day training for 5 – 6 participants is hosted by the Office every year.

IX.Other general information related to the Office that is available on the Internet -- URLs of web pages of the Office’s website that:

provide information on legislation related to industrial designs

contain the Annual Report of the Office

if necessary, provide further information related to the topics referred to in the current ATR


X. Other relevant matters