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Annual Technical Report 2009 on Industrial Design Information Activities submitted by Lithuania (CWS/ATR/ID/2009/LT)

Where URLs are requested below, it is preferred that either URLs which are likely to remain stable over time (three years or more) are provided, or home (main) page URLs are provided with a short explanation of how to access the corresponding information.

The expression "industrial designs" covers industrial designs and models. Offices which issue design patents should report their design patent information activities in this series of Annual Technical Reports.

I. Evolution of registration activities

Application filings and registrations in 2009:

29 applications filed direct with the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (SPB), from which 86,2  applications originating in Lithuania;
58 designs registered.

Building and construction elements (class 25) ; games, toys, tents and sports goods (class 21), sales and advertising systems, marks (class 20), stationery and office equipment, artists' and teaching materials (class 19), musical instruments (class 17 ), means of transport or hoisting (class 12), articles for decoration (class 11), packages and containers for transportation or handling of goods (class 9), tools and metal articles (class 8), household goods, not elsewhere specified (class 7), furniture (class 6).

Statistics of the year 2009 (national design applications and national designs, national designs in force) has been provided on SPB website (

II. Matters concerning the generation, reproduction, and distribution of industrial design documents and of secondary sources of industrial design information, i.e., official gazettes

The SPB Official Gazette Inventions Designs Trademarks contained announcements published in 2009:

FG9L Registrations published in accordance with Article 21 of the Design Law of the Republic of Lithuania;
PD9L, TC9L Changes in the Register of Designs of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with Article 29 of the Design Law of the Republic of Lithuania;
MM9L Registrations lapsed in accordance with Article 30 of the Design Law of the Republic of Lithuania;
ND9L Renewal of registration of the design in accordance with Article 35 of the Design Law of the Republic of Lithuania;
PC9L Transfer of the design in accordance with Article 40 of the Design Law of the Republic of Lithuania;
QB9L Licensing (sublicensing) in accordance with Article 41 of the Design Law of the Republic of Lithuania;
TK9L Rectifications.

Sections of the Official Gazette have been coded in accordance with WIPO Standard ST.17.

The SPB Official Gazette paper publications have been prepared using DTP tools and have been provided by LTL. SPB Official Gazette publications in Adobe PDF format have been accessible on SPB website (

III. Matters concerning classifying, reclassifying and indexing of industrial design information according to the classification systems applied

Registrations have been classified in accordance with ninth edition of International (Locarno) Classification.

Internationally agreed Numbers for the Identification of Data (INID Codes) relating to designs were used in the Register of Designs of the Republic of Lithuania and in SPB Official Gazette Inventions Designs Trade Marks in 2009.

IV. Search file establishment and upkeep

The exchange of SPB Official Gazette with foreign states and intergovernmental organisations was provied by LTL and this way LTL file was updated with foreign documentation in 2009.

The SPB Official Gazette publications (Adobe PDF format) is on the SPB website: (

V. Activities in the field of computerized search systems for industrial designs

SPB published on website ( the Official Gazette Inventions Designs Trade Marks in 2009.
The SPB provide databases of national and international design registration as it’s webside free of charge.

Industrial Property search and other services have been provided by Patent Information Center of LTL (

Statistics of national designs has been provided on SPB website (

VI. Administration of industrial design information products and services available to the public (relating to facilities, e.g., for lodging applications, registering designs, assisting clients with search procedures, obtaining official publications and registry extracts)

The Register of designs of the Republic of Lithuania was open to public access only in the following forms in 2009:

Extract from the Register (on request);
SPB Official Gazette.
Design Database on SPB webside free of charge.

LTL also offered to its visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of Lithuanian publications (SPB Official Gazette, etc.), Official Gazettes of foreign states and intergovernmental organisations on CD/DVD-ROMs, sets of communications and regulations in 2009.

Public users had a possibility to use the following CD/DVD-ROMs received in 2009:

Promyšlennaja sobstvennost. Oficialnyj biuleten (AM);
Schweizerisches Patent-, Muster- und Markenblatt (CH);
Industrial Property Bulletin (GR);
Buletin Oficial de la Propiedad Industrial. (ES);
Buletin Oficial de Proprietate Industriala (MD);
Glasnik intelektualne svojine (RS);
IPPO Glasnik (MK);
Published registered design applications (JP);
Buletin Oficial de Proprietate Industriala (RO);
Promislova vlastnist (UA);
Rasmij achborotnoma (UZ);
International Designs Bulletin (WO).

The visitors of LTL had been consulted on the spot as well as by phone or e-mail and had an opportunity to order design search in 2009.

SPB published on its website ( the Official Gazette Inventions Designs Trade Marks.

Search for the international and Community designs and other services have been provided by Patent Information Center of Lithuanian Technical Library (

VII. Matters concerning mutual exchange of industrial design documentation and information

The SPB Official Gazette electronic version publish from the 1 of July, 2009 (

VIII. Matters concerning education and training, including technical assistance to developing countries (please indicate URLs of web pages of the Office’s website wherever appropriate)

On 27th January 2009 on initiative of State Patent Bureau together with business incubator "Vilnija" the Vilnius technical creativity day was commemorated with the opening of the exhibition of creations of Lithuanian designers in Lithuanian Technical Library, for which the exhibits were provided by Lithuanian Institute, also the day of "Open doors" took place in the State Patent Bureau and a seminar-discussion in the business incubator "Vilnija".
Implementing the program provision of the fifteenth Government "Strengthen national legalization of industrial property objects, inventions, design, trade and service marks and topographies of semiconductor products" State Patent Bureau together with Lithuanian Technical Library, Institute of Lithuania and business incubator "Vilnija" organized this exhibition namely on the 27th of January, when the first Lithuanian Law to Protect Trademarks was enacted in 1925.
On 20th-21st April 2009 practical meeting of specialists from the national patent offices of Nordic and Baltic states on the relevant trademark and design protection topics took place in Lithuanian Technical Library, in 6 Šv. Ignoto street, Vilnius, organized by the State Patent Bureau. The meeting was attended by specialists from Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian national patent offices.
Every year on 26th April governments and organizations of the entire world together with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day. The importance of development of intellectual property products is vital to underline, promote innovations, creativity, and positive attitude of the general society to importance of protection of intellectual property rights on economic, social and cultural development of the state on this day.
In 2009 State Patent Bureau organized several events to commemorate this day in Lithuania: SPB together with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University organizes a seminar "Industrial property in Lithuania: plan against the crisis", attended by specialists, working in state and academic institutions, business representatives who held interest in the protection of intellectual property. The "Open-doors" day was organized in the premises of SPB, attended by students from Vilnius University, scientists, inventors, other persons having interest in the possibilities of protecting the industrial property or in the activities of the State Patent Bureau.
On 24th April 2009 an opening of exhibition "The history of the development of industrial property protection, commemorating 1000 year anniversary of the name of Lithuania" took place in Lithuanian Technical Library. The exhibition was aimed at commemorating the World Intellectual Property Day and was organized by State Patent Bureau and Lithuanian Technical Library. During the opening of exhibition the historic development of the industrial property protection system was introduced, as well as the descriptions of Lithuanian inventions before world wars, laws, contemporary patent documents, publications, articles, patents of inventions that changed and formed the world of innovation. The organization, best at commercializing industrial property, received an award of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the seventh consecutive year in Lithuania. The WIPO award, which is an international recognition of intellectual potential, was received by the company "Vilniaus duona" in 2009.
On 19th-22nd May 2009 State Patent Bureau participated in the 17th international exhibition on technique and technologies, environmental protection, energy and electro technique, electronics, appliances, engineer cooperation "Balttechnika 2009", that took place in the Lithuanian exhibition centre "Litexpo". The stand of State Patent Bureau was exposed in the exhibition, the representatives of SPB informed the visitors on the protection of industrial property objects (inventions, designs, trademarks), on the history of its development, the today and the future in Lithuania and abroad.
SPB in cooperation with WIPO organized a seminar for judges and public prosecutors in Molėtai town in 2009. The topic of the seminar was "The enforcement of intellectual property rights - measures of administrative, civil and criminal law".
Lithuanian Technical Library published 4 information publications "Protection of Industrial Property" in year 2009.

IX.Other general information related to the Office that is available on the Internet -- URLs of web pages of the Office’s website that:

SPB website ( provided information on legislation related to designs in 2009.

The Annual Review of the Office has been included in SPB website (

SPB website ( contained design related news in 2009.

X. Other relevant matters

The replies of the Lithuanian party to Standing Committee on Information Technologies Circulars were directed to WIPO and the formats of the publication and exchange of the Lithuanian industrial property data based on WIPO standards had been determined in 2009.

In 2009, Lithuanian industrial property statistical data had been submitted to WIPO to be published in its publication Industrial Property Statistics.