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Annual Technical Report 2006 on Industrial Design Information Activities submitted by Kyrgyzstan (SCIT/ATR/ID/2006/KG)


Where URLs are requested below, it is preferred that either URLs which are likely to remain stable over time (three years or more) are provided, or home (main) page URLs are provided with a short explanation of how to access the corresponding information.

The expression "industrial designs" covers industrial designs and models. Offices which issue design patents should report their design patent information activities in this series of Annual Technical Reports.


I. Evolution of registration activities

In 2006 Kyrgyzpatent received 21 applications for granting of titles of protection for industrial designs.
2 patents and 13 patents under an applicant’s responsibility were registered in the State Register of Industrial Designs.

II. Matters concerning the generation, reproduction, and distribution of industrial design documents and of secondary sources of industrial design information, i.e., official gazettes

Announcement on 15 patents registered in the State Register of Industrial Designs
(bibliographical data, list of essential signs and pictures) were published in 5 issues of the Official Bulletin of Kyrgyzpatent “Intellectualdyk Menchik” in 2006.
The bibliographical data of industrial designs under the WIPO standards are stored in the Kyrgyzpatent database in machine –readable form and on the paper carries.

III. Matters concerning classifying, reclassifying and indexing of industrial design information according to the classification systems applied

Kyrgyzpatent uses International Patent Classification of Industrial Designs (The Locarno Classification); other classifications are not used.

IV. Search file establishment and upkeep

Information search for patent granting of the Kyrgyz Republic is carried out by application materials presented by applicants; by fund of registered and issued in the Kyrgyz Republic titles of protection for inventions and utility models; by databases of patent offices and organizations; by other information sources. Search systems and available databases on industrial designs in Internet network are used for information search.

V. Activities in the field of computerized search systems for industrial designs

The used equipments and software are: Intel Pentium 4A, 2800 MHz (21x33)Biostar P4TPT (5PCI, 1 AGP, 1 CNR, 2 DIMM, Audio), 512 Mb (PC3200 DDR SDRAM), Microsoft Windows XP Professional.

VI. Administration of industrial design information products and services available to the public (relating to facilities, e.g., for lodging applications, registering designs, assisting clients with search procedures, obtaining official publications and registry extracts)

Replenishment of Kyrgyzpatent Library by issues on industrial designs has been continued.

VII. Matters concerning mutual exchange of industrial design documentation and information

The exchange by Official Bulletin with patent offices of different countries in accordance with bilateral agreements has been realized.

VIII. Matters concerning education and training including technical assistance to developing countries (please indicate URLs of web pages of the Office’s website wherever appropriate)

The Inter institutional Chair “Intellectual Property” was continuing its activity in 2006 with the purpose of specialist’ preparation in the field of IP.

IX.Other general information related to the Office that is available on the Internet -- URLs of web pages of the Office’s website that:

X. Other relevant matters