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Annual Technical Report 2002 on Trademark Information Activities submitted by Ukraine (SCIT/ATR/TM/2002/UA)


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I. Evolution of registration activities

Changes experienced in terms of application filings and registrations (according to the national procedure) with respect to the previous year:
Applications filed:
in 2001 – 8583, in 2002 – 11324, i.e. 32% more with respect to the previous year.
in 2001 – 6692, in 2002 - 7502, 12% increase.
Trends and areas experiencing rapid changes with respect to the previous year (after the Nice classification indexes): 35 (Advertising; business management…) – 14%; 42 (Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto…) – 6.4%; 16 (Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials…) – 5.3%.

II. Matters concerning the generation, reproduction, and distribution of secondary sources of trademark information, i.e., trademark gazettes

Information concerning the issue of Ukrainian certificates for the registered marks for goods and services – bibliographic data of registered trademarks with INID codes, graphic images – is published in the corresponding part of the official gazette “Promyslova Vlasnist” (“Industrial Property”).
Beginning from issue No.10 of 2002, the official gazette “Promyslova Vlasnist” is published in two books: Book 1 “Inventions, Utility Models, Topographies of Integrated Circuits” and Book 2 “Industrial Designs, Marks for Goods and Services, Qualified Appellations of Origin of Goods”.
In every “Promyslova Vlasnist” gazette, current classification and numerical indexes of marks for goods and services are published. Besides the above-mentioned, the annual index to the gazette also comprises the numerical index of applications and the name index of trademark owners.
During 2002, the official gazette “Promyslova Vlasnist” was delivered free of charge to the State Scientific and Technical Library, the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information, its three branches and 20 Scientific, Technical and Economic Information Centres in different regions of Ukraine. This edition was also disseminated by subscription.
In the year 2002, the publication of scientific and practical periodical “Intelektualna Vlasnist”(“Intellectual Property”) continued, in which theoretical and practical issues on the protection of intellectual property were elucidated, official information, normative documents and comments on them, consultations of experts were included. The periodical is published in Ukrainian, its contents – also in Russian and English.
Information on issues of intellectual property protection in Ukraine was available on the website of the State Department of Intellectual Property (the new URL:

III. Matters concerning classifying, reclassifying and indexing of trademark information

Since January 1, 2002, the Ukrainian language version of the 8th edition of the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purpose of Registration of Marks (the Nice Classification) has been used for classification of marks.
For indication of goods and services applicants are required to use the pre-defined terms, which are used in the Nice Classification (the 8th edition).
No reclassification of goods and services according to the 8th edition of the Nice Classification was carried out in respect of the applications examined during 2002.

IV. Trademark manual search file establishment and upkeep

The trademark search file is composed of “Marks for Goods and Services” automated system database and ROMARIN international registration automated system database on CD-ROM, which is composed by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

V. Activities in the field of computerized trademark search systems

The Ukrainian Industrial Property Institute (Ukrpatent) information environment is built up in accordance with its organizational structure. It is divided into domains; each of them attends to an appropriate subdivision.
Besides domains, Ukrpatent information environment is divided into corresponding sub-networks and corresponding virtual networks (VLAN –Virtual Local Area). Appropriate servers, PDC1 and BDC2, manage the work of each of these domains. Ukrpatent local computer network is the core of the informational system. It includes servers, workstations, active network equipment and periphery devices.
In Ukrpatent, software and hardware are constantly upgraded, which allows to gradually turn to newer and more powerful systems of information processing.
By December 31, 2002, the “Marks for Goods and Services” automated system database comprised data of 72284 applications for marks for goods and services. During 2002, the database was updated with the data of 7565 applications.
Due to the alteration of the legislation, a modernization of the “Marks for Goods and Services” automated system was carried out, aiming to make appropriate changes in all kinds of documents that are automatically printed out.
For the purposes of the examination of applications for marks for goods and services, the 8th edition of the International Classification of Goods and Services was integrated into the “Marks for Goods and Services” automated system.
An interactive database “Marks for Goods and Services Registered in Ukraine” is being developed; it will be connected to the Internet with the purpose to provide access to the information for the wide range of users.

1PDC – Primary Domain Controller, server storing the database of all network resources of the given domain.
2BDC – Backup Domain Controller, server storing the copy of the database of all network resources of the given domain. When PDC is disabled, BDC can temporarily act instead of it.

VI. Administration of trademark services available to the public (relating to facilities, e.g., for lodging applications, registering trademarks, assisting clients with search procedures, obtaining official publications and registry extracts)

In the Public Patent Documentation Fund (patent library available to the public), readers were able to use the “Promyslova Vlasnist” official gazette, as well as bulletins of 37 foreign industrial property offices, which include announcements on trademarks (on paper carriers), WIPO bulletin “WIPO Gazette of International Marks” (on paper carriers and on CD-ROM) and CD-ROM DEMAS (German marks for goods and services).
The Ukrainian-language version of the eighth edition of the Nice Classification on paper carriers, as well as on CD-ROM, was used.
Extracts from the Ukrainian State Register of Certificates for Marks for Goods and Services were issued on request.

VII. Matters concerning mutual exchange of trademark documentation and information

Within the framework of international exchange, official bulletins containing trademark information from 37 foreign industrial property offices were received. Besides, WIPO sent its bulletin “WIPO Gazette of International Marks” on paper carriers and on CD-ROM, as well as publications of international marks on CD-ROM “ROMARIN”; German Patent Office provided, in addition to its bulletin, its product on CD-ROM “DEMAS”. Offices that are our exchange partners received the “Promyslova Vlasnist” official gazette containing publications on marks for goods and services registered in Ukraine.

VIII. Matters concerning education and training including technical assistance to developing countries

The State Department coordinates activities concerning the development, improvement and functioning of the system for training of intellectual property specialists in Ukraine. Today, 12 institutes of higher education in Ukraine hold license for training for a specialist’s and master’s degree in the field of intellectual property. Among them there are the Intellectual Property and Law Institute (IPLI) (Kyiv) and the Inter-Industry Institute for the Staff Upgrading in the New Trends in the Developments of Engineering and Technology, a branch of the Kharkiv State Polytechnic University. In the year 2002, IPLI, in cooperation with leading specialists of the State Department, developed 5 training and methodical manuals, approved for publication by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Fundamentals of intellectual property as an academic subject is being introduced in Ukrainian institutes of higher education and in secondary schools.
In 2002, the State Department of Intellectual Property organized, conducted and took part in 28 conferences, seminars and in more than 20 round-table discussions concerning protection of intellectual property rights. In particular, a round-table discussion on the topic “The Eighth Edition of the International Classification of Goods and Services. Advice to the Users” was held.

IX. Other relevant matters