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Annual Technical Report 2003 on Trademark Information Activities submitted by Syrian Arab Republic (SCIT/ATR/TM/2003/SY)


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I. Evolution of registration activities

Number of applications for trademarks:

In 2002 : 8903
In 2003 : 9454 (remarkable increase compared with
the previous year)
In 2004 (up to 31.08.2004) : 7299

Number of trademarks registrations:

In 2002 : 4745
In 2003 : 5548 (remarkable increase compared with the previous year)
In 2004 (up to 31.08.2004) : 3334

Number of trademarks renewals:

In 2002 : 1406
In 2003 : 1582 (little increase compared with the previous year)
In 2004 (up to 31.08.2004) : 998

Number of records on trademarks, patents and designs:

In 2002 : 423 certificates
In 2003 : 251 certificates (remarkable decrease compared with the
previous year)
In 2004 (up to 31.08.2004) : 258 certificates(remarkable increase compared with the previous year)

II. Matters concerning the generation, reproduction, and distribution of secondary sources of trademark information, i.e., trademark gazettes

The Property Protection Directorate still advertises accepted trademarks and registered trademarks that were entered in the Trademark Register, in the Directorate notice board so that all the concerned parties are able to get acquainted with them. On the other hand, the publications of registered and renewed trademarks as well as the records on them are regularly made in the Official Gazettes. Copying (printing) of the relative certificates is made via computers.

III. Matters concerning classifying, reclassifying and indexing of trademark information

The Nice International Classification of Goods and Services is accredited as a basis for the trademark filing and renewals procedures. The current practice is to grant trademarks as to the goods/services applied for according to the international classification tables. The electronic version of this classification is employed.

It is worth mentioning that there is a draft law for Syria’s accession to Nice International Treaty for goods and services classifications, which is still under consideration by the concerned authorities.

IV. Trademark manual search file establishment and upkeep

The Property Protection Directorate still practices the manual search regarding the previously filed trademarks according to specific cards that were previously archived according to Arabic and Latin alphabetical order.

V. Activities in the field of computerized trademark search systems

Applications for trademarks are entered in the computer upon filing before being accepted. Data of trademarks renewals and records on trademarks are also entered in the computer for swift and easy reference. All this will assist in processing and consideration of the applications filed.

VI. Administration of trademark services available to the public (relating to facilities, e.g., for lodging applications, registering trademarks, assisting clients with search procedures, obtaining official publications and registry extracts)

The administrative structure of the services for trademarks as cited in the bill of incorporation:

The Trade Mark Dept is one of the main departments in the Property Protection Directorate, consisting of the following sections:

- Control section
- Computer section
- Trademark registrations section
- Trademark renewals section
- Record section (processing records on trademarks, patents and designs).

Stages of a trademark registration:

The trademark application dossier is first filed with the Registry department by the applicant directly or through his agent, noting that a foreign applicant should appoint an agent residing in Syria, to be enclosed with the requested documents and the financial receipt. The application is referred to the control section for checking the trademark applied for; then it is passed on to the Head of Trademark Dept for examination in view of the data cited by the control section as to the previously filed trademarks. Subsequently, the application is referred to the director of the Property Protection Directorate for decision. Thereafter, the application is forwarded to the computer section for entering the accepted trademark in the temporary register and then sent back to the Registry department so that the applicant/agent completes the payment of the prescribed fees. After this procedure, the application is referred to Trademark department for issuing the relative trademark certificate.

VII. Matters concerning mutual exchange of trademark documentation and information

- There is continuous and coherent cooperation with the Syrian chambers of industry and commerce. In fact, Damascus Chamber of Industry has designed a website for the Property Protection Directorate, whereby the databases of the granted trademarks are entered regularly into it; also the program of trademarks was made available to the public. Reciprocation of the official gazettes with the Trade Mark Offices across the world is also carried out.

- There is also a cooperation and coordination with the Commercial Registries in all the Syrian cities, whereby monthly tables of the trademarks granted to the local merchants are sent to these Registries to enter the same in the commercial sheets of the relative merchants.

- Monthly tables of records effected on trademarks are also sent to the Ministry of Finance.

VIII. Matters concerning education and training including technical assistance to developing countries

The Property Protection Directorate holds an annual exhibition regarding the innovations and inventions in cooperation with WIPO, in which local innovators and inventors as well as invitees from other countries take part. During the exhibition, a regional symposium is convened in cooperation with WIPO, which sends experts and lecturers in the relative field. The D.C.I.P staff and concerned people (judges, lawyers, intellectual property attorneys, others) participate in this symposium. Similarly, the D.C.I.P participates in local and foreign seminars and training courses, which are organized by WIPO, Chambers of Commerce/industry or other corporations.

IX. Other relevant matters

Syria joined World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as per the legislative decree No. 16 of 2004.

Syria also joined Madrid Agreement and Protocol for the trademark international registrations as per the legislative decree No. 92 of 2004, which came into effect in Syria as of August 5, 2004.