As agreed by CDIP Member States, one of the outputs for the Development Agenda (DA) Project on Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer: “Common Challenges – Building Solutions” (Recs. 19, 25, 26 and 28), the DA Project on Open Collaborative Projects and IP-Based Models, as well as the DA Project on Innovation and Technology Transfer Support Structure for National Institutions (Rec. 10_03), is to create web forums for receiving feedback from project users as well as sharing potentially-useful experiences on the topics of technology transfer, open collaborative innovation and capacity building. 


The project objectives of the above projects are the following:

Recs. 19, 25, 26 and 28: Exploration of new ways of establishing international IP collaboration, enhanced under-standing and consensus on possible IP initiatives or policies to promote technology transfer.

Rec. 36: Establish an Interactive Platform for the broadest possible exchange of experiences on open collaborative projects and IP-based models.

Rec. 10_03: Assist developing countries in setting up and improving mechanisms for stimulating and enhancing local innovation and technology transfer from the public sector, including technology transfer offices at public research institutions; Enhance the understanding of the potential uses of the patent system for development and growth; Greatly facilitate the availability of the tools, guides and models relating to IP infrastructure and management by creating a one stop-shop on WIPO’s website.


CDIP Member States and Observers, as well as all relevant stakeholders such as university and research institutions, international organizations, IGOs, NGOs, private sector entities and individuals, are welcome to share feedback, comments and suggestions from the direct users on the posted studies, the IP tools, guides and training kits, the various events’ documentations, the design or content of the “Technology Transfer and Open Collaboration” portal.


Thank you very much.

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