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The following list of known issues have been reported to WIPO for versions of WIPO Sequence beginning at version 2.1.0.  Version 1.x.x generates sequences according to outdated versions of the Standard and should not be used.  Version 2.0.0 was superseded by version 2.1.0 before WIPO ST.26 entered general use and is not supported, but is known to contain some of the bugs described below. The latest version is version 2.3.0 and this is the version we recommend that everyone uses. 

The following list of known issues have been reported to WIPO. Please only report to WIPO at any issues which are not provided below.

KeyDescriptionComponentsAffected VersionResolved Version
ST26T-2893Cannot cut and paste into or from WIPO Sequence version 2.0.0 for Mac OSX distributionWIPO Sequence (Mac OSX only)
ST26T-2888If there is a TAB character in the invention title recorded in an ST.25 sequence listing, during import two Invention titles are createdWIPO Sequence
ST26T-2889Translation qualifier value is not automatically created when user manually creates itWIPO Sequence
ST26T-2780Terms of Use pop-up is shown to user twice in some instancesWIPO Sequence 2.1.0-
ST26T-2882WIPO Sequence cannot be deployed on Citrix Terminal ServerWIPO Sequence 2.1.0-
ST26T-2873TAB character is not detected in InventionTitle, ApplicantName, InventorName, ApplicantNameLatin, InventorNameLatin during validation process WIPO Sequence 2.1.0-
ST26T-2870JSON Key rather than the value of the CDS location is shown on banner is shown on the banner when the location is too shortWIPO Sequence
ST26T-2762XML validation does not enforce validation checks for the DOCTYPE declarationWIPO Sequence
ST26T-2885ncRNA qualifier added when 'n' feature key is imported from an ST.25 sequence listingWIPO Sequence
ST26T-2872For imported amino acid sequences from a ST.25 sequence listing, mol_type is not automatically set to 'protein'WIPO Sequence
ST26T-2883Wrong numbering provided during XML validation process with >5k sequences and <10k sequences on pop-up windowWIPO Sequence (Linux only)2.1.0-
ST26T-2876No warning message when DNA/RNA sequence includes "n" symbols - should indicate that the default value should be assumedWIPO Sequence2.

When updating manually created nucleotide sequence containing a single "n" symbol - feature location for source feature can be wrong

Workaround: Uncheck "Intentionally skipped" checkbox and add the organism. The location of source feature will become correct.

WIPO Sequence2.
ST26T-2900Event Viewer errors when launching WIPO SequenceWIPO Sequence2.1.0-

In a project, the PDF resulting form clicking the Print button contains a wrong priority date and filing date (it reduces the day by 1).

WIPO Sequence2.1.0-
ST26T-2905Non Latin characters not allowed in non English qualifier value. Error returned: "The non English free text must contain only Unicode characters, except the reserved or controlled charactersWIPO Sequence2.

After ST.25 import, an error is thrown indicating that the qualifier ID is not unique

Workaround: Delete the feature which includes a duplicate qualifier ID. Recreate the feature at the same location but do not add the qualifier before saving. Next, edit the feature to add the relevant qualifier and update the feature. 

WIPO Sequence2.

Sporadically sequences are generated without a feature table

Update: ST26T-2907: work-around

WIPO Sequence
ST26T-2910Auto-update does not download the latest binaryWIPO Sequence2.
ST26T-2912When using the organism dropdown when editing an organism, the auto-complete can be difficult to select the appropriate organismWIPO Sequence2.

Importing ST.25: Newlines being stripped out of qualifier value are not being replaced with spaces

WIPO Sequence2.
ST26T-2922Import message for skipped sequence indicates that the INSDSeq_division element has been set to 'PAT'WIPO Sequence2.
ST26T-2913Chinese characters are not shown when printing a sequence listingWIPO Sequence2.
ST26T-2928Missing full list of features when printing sequences from project details pageWIPO Sequence2.
ST26T-2917Wrong column heading for invention title provided when printing projectWIPO Sequence2.
ST26T-2851Language Dependent Qualifiers page cannot be loaded when project contains more than ~12.700 language dependent qualifiersWIPO Sequence2.0.0
ST26T-2895New person/organization pop-up: selecting 'No' can freeze the tool sporadicallyWIPO Sequence2.0.0
ST26T-2946Instances where SEQ ID assigned after import is not consecutiveWIPO Sequence2.2.0
ST26T-2944No error is thrown if the attribute dtdVersion is not the latest version of the DTD during XML validationWIPO Sequence2.

When printing a Project, output PDF file contains wrong information, including incorrect priority date

WIPO Sequence

'Synthetic construct' (with capital letter S) behavior ('Synthetic construct' is not part of the pre-defined organism names)

WIPO Sequence2.
ST26T-2974Generic error on import banner shown when importing ST.26 file with a field containing more than 2 pre-defined entitiesWIPO Sequence 2.2.0
ST26T-2990Cannot add a circular_RNA qualifier to a featureWIPO Sequence2.

The Output PDF file is missing the "Inventor name:" label

WIPO Sequence2.
ST26T-3003'Frequency' not being treated as a language dependent free text qualifier WIPO Sequence 2.2.0-
ST26T-2993Wrong verification rule applied for circular_RNA qualifierWIPO Sequence2.2.0-
ST26T-2972No error thrown when DOCTYPE declaration include random characters at the endWIPO Sequence2.2.0-
ST26T-2974Generic error on import banner shown when importing ST.26 file with a field containing more than 2 pre-defined entitiesWIPO Sequence 2.2.0-
ST26T-2895When pop-up for new person or organization appears, selecting 'no' can freeze the toolWIPO Sequence 2.1.0-
ST26T-2996Some sequences still being generated without a feature tableWIPO Sequence2.
ST26T-3027Qualifier mol_type and organism values might disappear from sequence after SL generationWIPO Sequence
ST26T-3029Qualifier bound_moiety is considered as mandatory for oriT featureWIPO Sequence

Error when InventionTitle contains more than one &apos;

WIPO Sequence2.

Verification rule QV_48 not always triggering

WIPO Sequence2.3.0

Bulk Edit only affects the first 20 sequences of a range

WIPO Sequence2.3.0
ST26T-3089Cannot bulk delete more than 20 sequences at onceWIPO Sequence2.3.0

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