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Following task force discussions

Task Force Members are highly encouraged to follow all the relevant activities in a specific Task Force by setting “Watch this Space”.  Please follow the instructions below.

Set Watches

If you would like to be notified by email of the changes to a page, news item or even an entire space, you can do so by setting Watches.

In order to start “Watching” a Space you should:

  • Open the Task Force main page
  • Click on “Pages” in the left-side menu
  • Click on “Watch this Space” at the top right-side corner of the page.

For more details on how to set Watches please refer to the online guidelines:

Subscribe To RSS Feeds

Subscription to RSS feeds is another way to be notified of new or updated content within the Space.  You will need an RSS client or RSS-enabled web browser to get notifications.  

For more details on how to subscribe to RSS Feeds, please refer to the online guidelines:

Participating in task force discussions

A “Comment” or “Reply” should be provided only to the proposals or comments which are active or under discussion.  Please do not comment on completed discussions or other pages, e.g., Home Page.  In each specific Task Force Space, you can see which the ongoing discussions are at the top right corner of the page.

Attachments appear separately in the attachment section of the page.  Each attachment should have a unique filename;  otherwise, the system will generate another version of the already existing attachment.  It is also recommended to provide a description of the attached file.

The hyperlink to the attachment should be given in the text of the proposal or comments.  For more details on how to attach files please refer to the online guidelines:

Profile Settings

To access your Profile, click on your account icon/photo at the top right-hand corner of the page and click the “Profile” item in the menu.

  • Change your details as appropriate and initial password which the International Bureau provides by clicking on the “Profile” tab.
  • Click on the “Settings” tab to change the parameters of the email notifications, your default home page and language.

 For more details on how to edit your user profile please refer to the online guidelines:


Different types of permission are given as follows:

  • Task Force members have permission to view pages, add comments and attach files to pages.
  • Task Force Leader has additional permission to create new pages and to provide news concerning activities related to Task Forces.
  • Any removal of posted information should be requested to the International Bureau.

For more specific instructions on how to use the WIKI please refer to the Wiki Confluence User's Guide

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