Description of the system

WIPO CASE provides a platform to share information with regards to search and examination reports among participating local intellectual property (IP) offices.

The objective of WIPO CASE is to improve the quality and efficiency of the patent search and examination process done at local and regional patent offices.

Time taken for examination work can be reduced and quality of search results can be improved by sharing information.

The local or regional patent office can carry out further search and examination work if deemed necessary after analyzing existing information of any equivalent filing at another participating patent office.

Project Status

On 24th March 2015, a new version of the case portal with additional functionality was made available. This URL provides the initial specification.

All project related documentation are available here.

WIPO CASE infrastructure will be migrated to cloud-hosting in the second half of 2023. In this context, a new REST api will be made available to provide or access office data on the fly.

Details of the new CASE api specification is available through this link.


Monthly statistics are going to be published here: WIPO CASE Statistics

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  1. I really like the statistics as shown in the first page of that WIKI on CASE. I would like to be able to produce this directly from CASE when looking at usage statistics.

    I am wondering why AU and GB only have a few users and why they are not ordering more of the CA documents.

    1. AU currently only has a few user accounts.  These are currently allocated to 8 examiners across the technologies and 1 for a clerical area to share, and 1 admin account.  This clerical area downloads Foreign Examination Reports and Search Reports from CASE, USPTO, EP and puts then on the file ready for the examiner using just in time delivery (about 2  weeks prior to examination commencing).  This clerical area account would be doing the bulk of the accessing and downloading.

      Once CASE has a few more features from this second release we will start to roll it out to all our examiners (currently about 300 examiners), though the clerical area will continue to prepare the file for the examiner into the forseeable future.

      As for accessing more CA documents, I understand the current arrangements are that we are to look for other existing search/examination results in the family first, and if none are found, then request via email CA to upload theirs to CASE, the CA record on CASE indicating examination has commenced.  This has resulted in the need to only request a few documents from CA. 

  2. We are in planning mode for web services and want to know roughtly the projected number of users from GB and CA when the next release of WIPO CASE is delivered. From AU's perspective the number of users will climb as further functionality is delivered.

    Alain and Richard are you able to assist?

    1. We have some 240 examiners.    

    2. CIPO is not actually planning, at the beginning anyway, do use web services. We plan on continuing using the CASE system as it is currently operating.

      Our usage should therefore remain somewhat the same. But as you can see from usage statistics, we seem to be using it a fair bit. And all our examiners currently have an account.

  3. I am surprised to see that in the notification list, the format for the application number is the old format where the country is separated from the application number whereas in the main search screen, they were put together like any priority numbers. I am proposing that you sue the same format everywhere in the application for the sake of consistency, but this is an item of minor importance.

    As mentioned earlier, I really did like the statistics that the WIKI is providing us. If, when connecting to an administrator account, this data could be produced on the fly, that would be great. I am unsure if you have to prepare those manually or not.