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As mosalicAs the new SFTP will be used for many services (GBD,GDD,PATENTSCOPE and IPAS Support), the following folder arrangement should be used, to facilitate the distribution of data:


For published IP data exchange with WIPO, please use as follow:
ServiceMain folderFull_Extraction sub-folderUpdates sub-folderTest sub_folder
  • Full_Extraction sub.folder: for the initial upload of the full published collection
  • Updates sub-folder: for the uploads of new files and updates to files already delivered
  • Test sub-folder: to use during the initial discussion with the service, for exchange of sample data. Once the format is approved, use the other two folders


If necessary (and only for IPAS OP-Support), you are free to create sub-folders under "/Support", in case you consider is necessary to separate the content to upload of any other content already present in "/Support"  

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