1) Create a new user

Go to: https://www3.wipo.int/confluence/ Press in “Create an account”

2) Fill the form:

3) Please add your email

Otherwise it will not be possible to send you the activation link for the new account

4) Once the form is completely filled, press "Create an account"

The system will give you an initial OK and will send you an email to activate your account:

If you check your email, you will see a new email from WIPO , which includes the activation link.  


It is ABSOLUTELY necessary to click on the provided link, otherwise the account will not accessible.

A new browser window will open and you will get the confirmation that your account was created and is now active.

7) Log in for the first time

Once the account is confirmed, please go to the WIKI website (https://www3.wipo.int/confluence) and log in with your newly created credentials:

8) Once finally logged, the process is complete

9) Request Access to Restricted Space

After the activation of the account is completed.

Send an email to ipas@wipo.int, requesting access to the restricted space of IPOBSD Wiki  with the following information:

Full Name (as input in the user creation form)

To check your "Full Name" you can log in to the wiki, then go to your profile page: https://www3.wipo.int/confluence/users/viewmyprofile.action and copy the information shown:


Organization (IP office, etc.)

User name for the WIPO wiki (chosen while creating the user, and used to login each time):


Be aware that if the account was not activated (by going through all the activation steps, from 5 to 8), the account will not be accessible by the WIKI and it will not be possible to provide access to the restricted area.

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