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Several users have indicated they are no longer able to download the .exe Windows installation package from the WIPO Sequence website, if they simply click on the link. 


Chrome has started to block non-secure downloads from HTTPS websites, particularly for high risk filetypes like .exe files.

In order to proceed with the download: 
  1. Right click on the link of the executable file and select 'save link as'.
  2. Select a download location from the file dialog and then the file should start downloading. 


  1. Is this information on the download page as well? 

    This should not be in the list of Q&A, it's either for How-to or simply within WIPO Sequence branch.

    1. It a trouble-shooting issue. I get this question maybe 2-3 times a week so I prepared this article. If it goes on our website, I have to get it translated into 9 other languages and coordinate with our Web Comms team to get it published.