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What are the file size limits for WIPO Sequence?

The following thresholds have been established during testing of version 2.1.0:

Importing a sequence listing

  • For an ST.25 sequence listing: ~71,000 sequences depending on the types of sequences this sequence listing contains
  • For an ST.26 sequence listing: For simple sequences*: 650,000-700,000 and for complex sequences**:  7,000-8,000

Validating a sequence listing (ST.26):

  • For simple sequences*: 250,000
  • For complex sequences**:  7,000

Generating a sequence listing (ST.26):

  • For simple sequences*: >180,000
  • For complex sequences**: ~7,000

Validating a project

  • For simple sequences*: 180,000

*A simple sequence is considered to be one with just a source feature and an organism name and mol_type qualifier.

**A complex sequence is a sequence with all of the valid features and qualifiers, whether optional or mandatory