WIPO User Satisfaction Surveys: Privacy Statement

The personal data we process was collected by WIPO because you have been a user of WIPO services or because you have contacted WIPO about its services.

The data further collected and processed through satisfaction surveys are related to:

  • Existing demographic data on users of WIPO services: country, segments (agents, applicants, holders and representatives, international registration numbers) that have been extracted from WIPO existing filing platforms.
  • Identification data (name and email address of users).
  • Responses to the questions.
  • Other data such as role or duration of relationship with WIPO.

The data collected will be available to the internal WIPO authorized staff (Customer Experience Section) in charge of analyzing the results of the survey. Also, the external service provider will collect the results of the survey and analyze the raw data in order to perform statistics and figures in collaboration with the Customer Experience Section.

From your responses, we will produce a statistical report. This report will contain the results from the survey in an anonymous and aggregated form. It will be provided to WIPO Management.

No personal data will be transmitted to parties which fall outside the recipients and the legal framework mentioned herein. The data are not used for any other purposes nor disclosed to any other recipient.

WIPO and the service provider have implemented security controls as appropriate to protect your personal information, which is currently securely stored in the service provider’s data center.

You have the right to access, rectify and erase your personal data by submitting a written request explicitly specifying your request.

The data collected from the survey is retained for the period necessary for the duration of the data processing purposes mentioned above (no more than 24 months). Upon expiry, the data is then irrevocably deleted through secure data wiping processes.