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WIPO GREEN is an online platform for technology exchange. It supports global efforts to address climate change by connecting providers and seekers of environmentally friendly technologies. Through its database, network and acceleration projects, it brings together key players to catalyze green technology innovation and diffusion.

Green technologies are environmentally sound technologies as defined in Chapter 34 of Agenda 21 (The United Nations Program of Action from Rio, 1992). Green technologies “protect the environment, are less polluting, use all resources in a more sustainable manner, recycle more of their wastes and products, and handle residual waste in a more acceptable manner than the technologies for which they were substitutes”.


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Technology providers

Green technology inventors, entrepreneurs, and companies can list their products on the WIPO GREEN database to give them global visibility, helping to attract partners and finance. In this way, WIPO GREEN helps users connect to the global innovation ecosystem.

Technology seekers

Organizations seeking eco-friendly technology solutions can use the WIPO GREEN database to publicize their needs and try to find a match. The database is also a useful tool for investors looking to make green tech deals as it provides access to technologies and entrepreneurs from around the world.


The WIPO GREEN network provides exciting opportunities for collaboration and partnership by bringing together a range of key stakeholders, such as multinational companies, academic and research institutions, intergovernmental organizations, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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