Women in Green

In March 2020, WIPO GREEN launched its new interview series Women in Green. In these articles we ask female innovators and green entrepreneurs about their inventions, the development of their business, and their experiences in the eco-friendly technology and innovation field.

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(Image: Gettyimages/UnitoneVector)

Women in Green series


Shining a Light on Female Innovators Since 2020

Climate friendly menstrual hygiene management, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, energy harnessed from the sun – the sky’s the limit when women innovate. However, statistics at WIPO reveal that only 16.5% of named patent applications come from women.

(Photo: Courtesy of Eco Wave Power)

Eco Wave Power: Changing the World One Wave at a Time

Amid growing climate concerns and energy price hikes, there is growing interest in renewables to meet out energy needs. A pioneering technology developed by Israeli company, Eco Wave Power, which harnesses the power of the waves to generate electricity, offers a promising new source of affordable, clean energy.


Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics giant, gives a helping hand to young university innovators

A group of students from Toyo University in Tokyo, Japan, embarked on an ambitious project to manufacture a new moisturizing hand serum using local products. Their success was partly due to a licensing agreement with Shiseido that allowed them to use the company’s green technology, listed in the WIPO GREEN database, to manufacture their innovation.