WIPO GREEN has compiled a range of relevant resources related to green technology and intellectual property, including publications, webinars, and tools that are available for public use.

WIPO GREEN publications

(Photo: Green School, Bali)

WIPO GREEN – Impact Story

Thanks to a WIPO GREEN project, the Green School in Bali, Indonesia, established collaboration with Zero Mass Water, bringing sustainable potable water – generated from sunlight and air – to its students.


WIPO GREEN – Year in Review 2018

A snapshot of the public-private partnership’s achievements, highlighting some of the ways in which it supports collective action around green technology innovation and diffusion.


WIPO GREEN Strategic Plan 2019-2023

A roap map that will guide WIPO GREEN's activities over the next five years.

WIPO GREEN Licensing Checklist

The WIPO GREEN Licensing Checklist PDF, WIPO Green Licensing Checklist is designed for those involved in negotiating technology transfer licensing agreements. It provides a checklist of key issues which should be considered when negotiating and concluding such contracts.

The checklist is not an exhaustive resource; rather it helps provides an overview, as well as links to further information.

Part I

Part I addresses the most relevant items to be considered when concluding a licensing agreement:

  • Section 1 is about the kind of agreement you are negotiating.
  • Section 2 is about the subject matter of the agreement, e.g. the nature of the agreement, the technology involved, which type of IP is relevant to your project.
  • Section 3 is about your rights as a licensee.
  • Section 4 is about the financial terms.
  • Section 5 is about concluding contract clauses, such as how the agreement can be terminated, how disputes will be addressed, how to interpret the agreement, etc.

Part II

Part II addresses issues which concern development collaborations specifically.

Resources and references

A list of resources and references presents a selection of links to further information.

Note: The WIPO GREEN Licensing Checklist is neither exhaustive, nor is it a substitute for professional legal advice. You are encouraged to adapt the checklist to your own needs or concrete projects. The Checklist is published as a draft for consultation. Please contact us with any feedback.

Funding opportunities

Browse our list of resources and partners in order to kick-start your search for funding for green technology projects.