Pro Bono: Legal Services Through WIPO GREEN

February 3, 2021

From 2020, WIPO GREEN reinstated its pro bono advice program, with services offered by two partnering companies, Sagacious IP and Sidley Austin LLP.

Eligibility criteria

To receive legal advice on a pro-bono basis, your organization should satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

    • environmental impact – application should describe how your business activities deliver a positive environmental impact
    • need for support - please note that only organizations who cannot afford or otherwise access the services of an international law firm are eligible to apply
    • developing country resident - the applicants must domicile in a developing country as defined by the United Nations
    • market-based activity - only organizations/companies who have established a presence in the local marketplace successfully moving beyond the initial launch and sales phase are eligible to apply for receiving legal advice beyond IP issues; this is not required for IP-related advice.

Please note that queries related to securing patent drafting and prosecution in Colombia, Ecuador, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, and South Africa should be referred to WIPO’s Inventor Assistance Program.

Application process

To apply for pro bono services, please complete the attached application form PDF, WIPO GREEN Charterand send it to We will review the application to determine the applicant’s eligibility and, if selected, will direct the application to a partner law firm.

Disclaimer: the partner law firms are solely responsible for the quality of the legal advice provided and any consequences in relation thereto.

Support on intellectual property issues and beyond

Sagacious IP, an intellectual property (IP) research and consulting firm headquartered in India, offers 300 hours of pro bono advice as part of its contribution to WIPO GREEN. This offer comprises services to WIPO GREEN users for global patent research, green technology scouting, and advisory services and support for patent licensing and IP transfer deals.

As a proud WIPO GREEN partner, Sagacious IP is keen to support the community of green innovators with IP market intelligence and monetization advice in their efforts to protect novel ideas and introduce impactful and sustainable products that help in addressing the climate change challenges faced by our society.

Mr. Faiz Wahid, Regional Head for Europe at Sagacious IP

Sidley Austin LLP, an international law firm with 2,000 employees, offers legal support to WIPO GREEN users as part of their Emerging Enterprises Pro Bono Program. The program is not limited to IP issues.

We look forward to unlocking access to legal pro bono support to eligible WIPO GREEN entrepreneurs through Sidley Emerging Enterprises Pro Bono Program. It is an essential element for the success of entrepreneurs working to enhance green technology innovation.

Ms. Karolina Anda Berney, Manager at Emerging Enterprises Pro Bono program at Sidley Austin LLP


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