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WIPO Press Releases

WIPO's main news releases as they are published.

WIPO Magazine

Articles and features showing intellectual property, creativity and innovation at work worldwide. Quarterly.

WIPO Knowledge Center Newsletter

Receive the latest WIPO flagships publications, brochures, papers and reports. Monthly.

WIPO Academy Highlights

A selection of news, stories as well as registration updates from the WIPO Academy. Quarterly.

Economics & Statistics Highlights

Information about new economics & statistics publications and tools from WIPO. 4-7 per year.

IP services

PCT Newsletter

News and information for users of the PCT System, including fee tables and seminars. Monthly.

PCT Guide Updates

Updates and revisions to the PCT Applicant's Guide. Weekly.

PCT Working Group News

Updates on activities of the PCT Working Group.

PCT Highlights

High-level overview of recent and future developments in the PCT. 1-2 per year.

Madrid News

Information Notices, news and updates on developments in the Madrid System.

Hague News

Information Notices and updates on developments in the Hague System.

Lisbon News

News, events and updates on the Lisbon System.

Article 6ter Updates

Notification of the publication in the Article 6ter database of signs for which protection is requested. 2 per year.

WIPO ADR Highlights

News and practice pointers on WIPO's services for resolving IP disputes outside courts. Quarterly.

Domain Name Decisions

Updates on domain name dispute decisions; and other WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center news. Daily.


Law, policy and cooperation

Traditional Knowledge Updates

Regular news and resources about intellectual property & traditional knowledge; and IGC updates.

Building Respect for IP

An overview of recent WIPO activities in the field of building respect for intellectual property; and developments from around the globe. Quarterly.

WIPO Docket

News and events relating to WIPO’s work to support judiciaries, as well as resources of relevance to the judicial administration of IP disputes worldwide.

WIPO Standards

Latest developments in WIPO Standards, including updates from the Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS).

WIPO Treaty Notifications

Announcements of treaty accessions, ratifications, declarations, etc. 2-3 per month.

WIPO Lex News

Information on latest additions to the WIPO Lex database of intellectual property legislation. 1-2 per month.

WIPO GREEN Newsletter

News, events, reports and announcements from the WIPO GREEN marketplace for green technologies. Monthly.

Global Health Check-Up

News and developments at the interface of global health, innovation, and intellectual property. Bi-monthly.

Accessible Books Consortium News

Regular news updates on the activities of the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC). 8-10 a year.

Regional activities

WIPO Asia-Pacific Newsletter

Stories and news from people in the ASPAC region as an echo from the ground. Once a month.

Brazil Office Newsletter

News, events and announcements from the WIPO Brazil Office. Twice a year.

China Office Newsletter

News, events and announcements from the WIPO Office in China. Twice a year.

Japan Office Newsletter

News, events and announcements from the WIPO Japan Office. Quarterly.

Nigeria Office Newsletter

News, events and announcements from the WIPO Nigeria Office. Twice a year.

Russia Office Newsletter

News, events and announcements from the WIPO Russia Office. Twice a year.

Singapore Office Newsletter

News, events and announcements from the WIPO Singapore Office. Quarterly.

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