WIPO GREEN, an interactive marketplace that connects technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions, was established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2013.

WIPO GREEN consists of an online database and network that brings together a wide range of players in the green technology innovation value chain, and connects owners of new technologies with individuals or companies who might be looking to commercialize, license or otherwise distribute a green technology.

In this way, we help not only to accelerate innovation and diffusion of green technologies, but also contribute to the efforts of developing countries in addressing climate change.


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Video: Find out more about what WIPO GREEN is, why we need it, and how it helps in practical terms.

Green technology in action

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(Image: iStockphoto.com/Meriel Jane Waissman)

WIPO-CTCN Webinar: The practical use of IP in green tech transfer

Speakers from the WIPO provide a basic overview of IP and the role it plays in the process of getting technologies to market. The webinar also includes practical tips on licensing negotiations and IP commercialization, as well as a brief introduction to WIPO GREEN.

An Ecosan waterless toilet
(Photo: Eco Sanitation Ltd.)

Case study: Improving sanitation with Ecosan waterless toilets

This WIPO GREEN case study takes an in-depth look at the technology solution to rural sanitation needs developed by South African company Eco Sanitation Ltd. – a waterless toilet sanitation system that converts human waste into dehydrated, compostable material.

Dr. Hilonga working in the lab
(Photo: Dr. Askwar Hilonga)

Tanzanian entrepreneur develops innovative water filter

The WIPO Magazine interviews Dr. Askwar Hilonga, inventor of a low-cost customizable water filter that he hopes will transform the lives of the many Africans who lack access to safe drinking water in his native Tanzania and beyond.


WIPO GREEN traces its origins to WIPO’s discussions with the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA) and other industry partners, who were keen to establish a mechanism that would inject transparency into green technology markets, particularly for developing countries. A pilot database of green technologies available for license or sale was established by WIPO in 2012, which was followed by the formal launch of WIPO GREEN and its network in November 2013.


WIPO GREEN is governed by the Advisory Board and the Secretariat under the rules laid out in the WIPO GREEN Charter PDF, title goes here.

The WIPO GREEN Advisory Board is comprised of Partners and WIPO, and guides the activities of WIPO GREEN. The Board is a consultative and counselling body, which does not exercise any influence over WIPO's overarching programs and budget.


All partners of WIPO GREEN must endorse in writing the WIPO GREEN Charter and abide by its principles.

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