Impact Stories

WIPO GREEN is an online platform for technology exchange, aiming to connect providers and seekers of environmentally friendly technologies. But what do these matches look like? In the Impact Stories, WIPO GREEN describes what brings the parties together and we can follow the successes and challenges of green tech deployment around the world.


Impact Stories

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WIPO GREEN Supports Organic Agriculture Making Headway in Latin America

As the global population grows, farmers face the dual challenge of increasing food production sustainably and addressing its economic, social, and environmental impacts. The shift towards bio-inputs like biofertilizers and biopesticides – which are natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals – is gaining momentum, fueled by consumer demand for safer, eco-friendly products. Expansion of this market depends on ongoing innovation and proving the effectiveness of these products. Through its climate-smart agriculture project in Latin America, WIPO GREEN is pivotal in linking stakeholders in Argentina with these innovative, sustainable solutions.

Image: Cocoa trees on the Fundo Cristina farm in Peru. Courtesy: Fundo Cristina.

WIPO GREEN Supports Resilient Harvests Through Innovation in Peru

Agriculture is one of the main pillars of Peru’s national economy. However, this sector is currently facing significant hurdles that have been exacerbated by climate change and the El Niño. Erratic rainfall patterns have resulted in the spread of native insects, fungi, and pests, posing severe challenges to the cultivation of key crops like coffee and cocoa. These climatic fluctuations can result in compromised soil quality and can also adversely impact crop yields, directly impacting livelihoods of the farming communities. WIPO GREEN is supporting farmers respond to these challenges by facilitating connect with green technologies providers.

Image: Igor Alexander/E+/Getty Images

A Technological Tango: WIPO GREEN Helps Mapping Misiones’ Forests from Space

Misiones, with its sprawling forests, has long been the heartbeat of Argentina’s forestry industry. Carlos Scarnichia, General Manager of a forestry firm that focuses on design, production and marketing of remanufactured wood products, sees the potential of these lands, not only for the richness of the wood, but also for its role in preserving nature.

Image: Courtesy of IALE Tecnología

How Chile’s Cherry Farms Are Readying Themselves For Climate Change Using Green Technologies

In the pastoral landscapes of Chile, two farming ventures face increasing challenges from unpredictable weather, water scarcity, and rising temperatures. This is putting a strain on their businesses and threatening their livelihoods. WIPO GREEN is helping these farmers adapt to climate change by connecting their needs with corresponding green technology providers.