Impact Stories

WIPO GREEN is an online platform for technology exchange, aiming to connect providers and seekers of environmentally friendly technologies. But what do these matches look like? In the Impact Stories, WIPO GREEN describes what brings the parties together and we can follow the successes and challenges of green tech deployment around the world.


Impact Stories

Image: Igor Alexander/E+/Getty Images

A Technological Tango: WIPO GREEN Helps Mapping Misiones’ Forests from Space

Misiones, with its sprawling forests, has long been the heartbeat of Argentina’s forestry industry. Carlos Scarnichia, General Manager of a forestry firm that focuses on design, production and marketing of remanufactured wood products, sees the potential of these lands, not only for the richness of the wood, but also for its role in preserving nature.

Image: Courtesy of IALE Tecnología

How Chile’s Cherry Farms Are Readying Themselves For Climate Change Using Green Technologies

In the pastoral landscapes of Chile, two farming ventures face increasing challenges from unpredictable weather, water scarcity, and rising temperatures. This is putting a strain on their businesses and threatening their livelihoods. WIPO GREEN is helping these farmers adapt to climate change by connecting their needs with corresponding green technology providers.

Image: Courtesy AMBEV, Brazil

Amazon’s Guaraná Farmers Are Tapping into Renewable Energy for Sustainable Production

In the heart of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, a community of smallholder farmers living along the banks of the Amazon River and its tributaries are grappling with a problem that may threaten their livelihoods. These farmers rely on the cultivation of guaraná (Paullinea cupana), a prized cash crop.