The following pages describe how to use Postman for testing the different features of the new DAS API.

For the testing of the system, we have loaded some sample priorities (of published documents) accessible through the WIPO PATENTSCOPE service.

The following sample documents have been picked randomly from WIPO PATENTSCOPE, by searching by Priority Country Code = 'IB' and limiting the results to PCT applications:

An industrial design priority document (from Spain), was loaded as an additional sample document coming from an external office, published document information available here:

Sample Postman Collection:

The sample collection can be downloaded from here (*): DAS core services.postman_collection

Sample Postman environment:

The sample environment can be downloaded from here (*): das ACC.postman_environment

In order to automate the process, the environment configuration (and some internal test) have been set up to facilitate the saving of temporal information.

Variable nameValueNotes
token-url of the server used to certify the token
base-url api url
to be generated by b.1.1.1.- getToken and updated (here) by the post request tests
to be generated by the user, by using a script like the one described in : a.3.- Sample authentication script
the temporal url used for the upload of the file
internal ID to be generated for the file to upload
comment to add to help with the identification of the request
file-formatpdf or zipIn case of the registration of a zip file, it should be complaint with WIPO ST.26 format (
Here goes the link to the local file to upload via b.1.1.3.- File upload . Please check the wiki page for more details.
sha256 checksum of the file to upload (e.5.- Generate File Checksum for uploading to DAS)
Url for the registration (to be generated here in this request: b.1.1.5.- registration of the record (POST))
country code of the priority/application
priority number of the document to upload or retrieve
application number of the document to upload or retrieve
application-categorypriority document
date of the priority to upload
filing date of the application
document-kindpatent or designdepends on the types of documents that have been set for the IP office
4 letters/digits code to use for the registration and retrieval
emailsome_email@email.comemail to use for the registration
acknowledge code (generated by DAS)
office code to use for the request
acknowledgement id for the registration (OSF)
Information for a (sample) registered document in (test) DAS 


In order to be able to download the linked files, please log with your (registered) WIPO WIKI user.

Test cases:

b.1.- Insertion/update cases

b.2.- Data retrieval cases

We are in the progress of adding more automated test cases and will share more test numbers a few weeks

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