The system is developed and owned by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It is made available to Intellectual Property Offices (IPOs) in Member States as a platform for the search and digital publication of trademarks and patents on the Internet for the local and international customers and stakeholders. It comes with the following functionality and features:

  • Built on Apache Solr technology, the product offers rich search capabilities on; combination of bibliographic data fields; full text search in documents and equipped with similarity search techniques to empower examination functions on trademarks, patents and designs applications.

  • The system provides electronic publishing service enabling IPOs to disseminate and make available online the various types of official gazettes published by the offices so that the user can search, locate and browse published trademarks / patents using different criteria such as; journal category, filing and publication numbers, publication date …etc.

  • WIPO Publish is in line with IP standards on the search, display and retrieval of intellectual property information, and takes into account best practices by the large intellectual property offices in this field.
  • The system is fully compatible with the WIPO Industrial Property Administration (IPAS) on which it relies as its source of information for trademarks and patents. The system can be tailored to configure the scope of data to be presented to the public as per office regulation and requirements, such as published, registered, rejected…etc. WIPO Publish can also work with offices that run their own IP administration systems and is able to index the data and build its collection through read only connection to respective data sources.
  • The system facilitates the extraction and transmission of published trademark and patent data to international databases such as the Global Brands and Patentscope administered by WIPO with a primary objective to increase the awareness of the international community on registrations taking effect at the member states. Access to Patentscope and Global Brands and examples of national collections are available through: 

For a full list of WIPO Publish implementations currently available online, please refer to the this link. 

  • On the IT infrastructure side, the system requires a dedicated server typically placed in demilitarized zone (DMZ) at the office with dual connections with IPAS (or local IP administration system) and the Internet on the other hand for the public access.
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