Trilateral Document Access (TDA)

Is the document exchange system used by the Trilateral Offices: USPTO, EPO and JPO. It is implemented as web services and operated over a secure network.

Office of First Filing (OFF)

Is the term used to refer to an Office whose digital library holds the copy of a document which is to be accessed by other Offices. This equates to the term "depositing Office" in the Framework Provisions. It should be noted that, for the purpose of this document, the term extends not only to the actual Office of First Filing, but to any other Office which holds a verified copy of the relevant document (for example, because it has been filed as a priority document in respect of a later application) and which makes it available through the system. This terminology is used rather than the more exact "depositing Office" because of the wide understanding of the term OFF in the context of the most important actual usage of the system.

Office of Second Filing (OSF)

Is the term used to refer to an Office which wishes to retrieve a copy of a document which is held by an OFF. This equates to the term "accessing Office" in the Framework Provisions. The term is used here because it is in current widespread use to describe the most important (and initially only) usage of this role by an Office dealing with an application which claims priority from an earlier application, the latter being the document to be accessed.


Is an integrated software solution for internal WIPO use, designed to provide examiners, translators and other users within the PCT with electronic facilities to effectively manage PCT document work-flow and bibliographic data of International Applications (IA) filed either on paper or electronically.


Is the document exchange system used by WIPO and Offices. It is implemented and operated over SFTP. DAS requests and responses for PDOC exchange operations are structured as XML files. At the time of writing this use case, a DTD is made available as version 1-0 (library-transaction-v1-0.dtd). Some sample instances of the XML are given in this document.

Web Container

Is a web server that provides a set ofresources and services.

Minimal Specifications for Electronic PCT Document Exchange

Provides an easily implemented, temporary yet upward extensible solution to the problem of electronic document exchange between the International Bureau, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) member state intellectual property offices and PCT international authorities (Minimal specification for transmitting documents to the IB V3.6).

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