New report on IP and green tech launched at UNFCCC in Bonn

June 18, 2015

During a side event at UNFCCC’s Bonn Climate Change Conference in June 2015, WIPO launched a new report, entitled " Innovation and Diffusion of Green Technologies: The Role of Intellectual Property and Other Enabling Factors ".

The report tackles issues such as market failure and the low take-up of green technologies. It reviews relevant recent literature on the creation and diffusion of low-carbon technologies and considers a range of enabling factors.

Relevant policies are found to encourage the creation of funding mechanisms, business partnerships, and the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Particular attention within the report is also devoted to needs in developing countries, including emerging market economies, where climate change challenges are particularly pronounced.

Addressing climate change is one of the world’s greatest policy and innovation challenges, requiring the development of a wide variety of new technologies as well as their transfer and diffusion to both developed and developing countries.

Due to a number of market failures and other factors, however, the innovation and diffusion of environmental technologies pose particular problems that necessitate a range of policy interventions, including an enabling policy framework.

The report is written by Kristina Lybecker and Sebastian Lohse. Read a companion brief, authored by Sebastian Lohse, which provides an overview of the issues.