Pro bono IP advice for WIPO GREEN users

June 30, 2015

Public Interest Intellectual Property Advisors (PIIPA) has pledged 300 hours of pro bono services for selected WIPO GREEN users from developing country SMEs and public sector institutes. The hours will be allocated to carefully selected users active in the areas of:

  • Building and construction
  • Chemicals and advanced materials
  • Energy
  • Farming and forestry
  • Green products
  • Pollution and waste
  • Transportation
  • Water

Eligibility criteria

  1. You must be:
    • a registered WIPO GREEN user AND
    • an individual inventor/entrepreneur, NGO, SME or government unit/agency from a developing country
  2. Your work or project must:
    • be primarily aimed at benefiting developing countries OR
    • the objectives must serve the global public interest/public good
  3. You must be involved in a business transaction that is linked to a “green” technology

If you believe you meet all three criteria (#1, #2 and #3), please complete the online form to request assistance. Assistance can be provided in the areas of copyright, trademark, know-how, patenting, and licensing, as well as broader contractual and strategic issues.

PIIPA will make every effort to find you the appropriate assistance. This offer is nevertheless subject to the availability of specialists with relevant expertise and is valid until the 300 available hours are used up. Individual cases may not exceed 30 hours.


To apply for assistance, please fill in the PDF form PDF, Application form, PIIPA assistance and return it to us by e-mail: