After a successful Nairobi seminar, matchmaking work in East Africa continues

May 10, 2016

Building on a successful pilot project on wastewater technologies in Southeast Asia, WIPO GREEN is undertaking a second matchmaking project in East Africa. The project aims to identify, describe and formulate specific green technology needs in the area of water and agriculture and to match them with corresponding technologies.

In the first phase of the project, consultants were engaged to interact with stakeholders on the ground in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania and identify and formulate needs. Over 70 needs in areas related to water and agriculture were collected.

Browse the needs generated by the project: PDF, Browse the needs generated by the project 

In the second phase, the technology seekers, along with relevant technology and service providers, investors, and experts, participated in a matchmaking seminar to stimulate deal making while enabling capacity building and technology transfer. The matchmaking seminar for this project took place in Nairobi on April 5-7, 2016, and had over 150 participants from a wide array of sectors and backgrounds.  

WIPO GREEN matchmaking
(Photo: WIPO)

This current matchmaking project is carried out in collaboration with WIPO GREEN Partners:  African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) and Kenya Climate Innovation Center (Kenya CIC), as well as the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, Strathmore University. The Nairobi seminar was organized in collaboration with WIPO GREEN Partner Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)

How can I participate?

Please contact the WIPO GREEN team for further information or, in particular, if you are a technology/service seeker, a provider of technologies/services relevant to the project needs, an investor, or other facilitation expert/consultant interested in participating in this project.

Browse the needs generated by the project: PDF, Browse the needs generated by the project 

Why water and agriculture?

As two key sectors in the fight to adapt to climate change, water and agriculture have been chosen as focus areas by WIPO GREEN in 2015. Indeed, the seminal role played by water and agriculture is reflected by most technology needs assessments in several African states. The agricultural sector is the largest user of water resources, accounting for roughly 70% of all freshwater withdrawals globally, and over 90% in most of the world’s least-developed countries according to the 2015 UN World Water Development Report.