Fujitsu Concludes Green Technology Licensing Agreements

September 28, 2018

Fujitsu recently signed intellectual property (IP) licensing agreements for two technologies with Kyushu University and University of the Ryukyus – its first green tech deals since becoming a WIPO GREEN Partner in September 2017.

Video: Fujitsu President Tatsuya Tanaka explains why the global ICT company has partnered with WIPO GREEN.

Kyushu University will use Fujitsu’s EvaCva-sustainable web app, which visualizes the “natural capital” (e.g. total number of forests) of Japanese cities, wards, towns, and villages, to support policy-making and promote regional revitalization. Using open data, the app analyzes unique regional characteristics – including environmental resources – and attributes value.

University of the Ryukyus will leverage Fujitsu’s smartphone application technology, which facilitates species identification and population prediction, to support biodiversity conservation efforts. The technology predicts the population of organisms using maps of plant growth, topographical maps, weather information, and other data.

Professor Shunsuke Managi from Kyushu University with Fujitsu representatives at the signing event in Fukuoka, Japan (Photo: Fujitsu)
Professor Yasuhiro Kubota of the University of Ryukyus with Fujitsu representatives at the signing event in Okinawa, Japan (Photo: Fujitsu)

(Image: Fujitsu)

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