Spotlight: WIPO GREEN Partners 2019

January 23, 2020

In 2019, WIPO GREEN reached a new milestone; with 15 private and public institutions joining the initiative, our partners’ network for climate action surpassed 100 members.

We asked these prominent multinational companies, research centres and intellectual property (IP) organisations one question: Why did they choose to join WIPO GREEN?

Find out what they said...

Bluetech Clean Air Alliance is a non-profit professional organization focusing on the development of clean air technologies and industries. Access a full list of WIPO GREEN database entries for Bluetech Clean Air Alliance.

We believe WIPO GREEN is the unique and ideal partner to educate and guide green innovators in using the tools of IP to accelerate transfer and applications of their innovative green solutions worldwide. China will continue to be the largest market for green technologies, and we hope to shape a cleaner future for China and other parts of the world with WIPO GREEN's valuable support.

Hongxing (Tonny) XIE, Director, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance


Canon is a multinational corporation specializing in the manufacture of imaging and optical products. Access a full list of WIPO GREEN database entries for Canon.

We are pleased to become a partner of WIPO GREEN and expect that Canon's green technologies, uploaded to the WIPO GREEN database, will be recognized and utilized globally to improve the state of the world. We would also like to use this opportunity to create new technologies or launch new activities relating to environment protection in cooperation with other members of the WIPO GREEN network.

Kenichi Nagasawa, Managing Executive officer, Head of Corporate Intellectual Property & Legal HQ, Canon Inc.


Daikin Industries Ltd. is a ultinational air conditioning manufacturing company.

We collaborate with WIPO GREEN because we develop technologies to reduce global warming and believe innovation plays a vital role in protecting the environment. In the framework of this collaboration, we will register climate-friendly technologies in the WIPO GREEN database, and we hope our joint efforts will contribute to addressing this global challenge.

Munehisa Matsumoto, Intellectual Property Department Manager, Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Hitachi Ltd. is a multinational conglomerate company.


At Hitachi, we created a new concept, IP for Society, to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society through the use of intellectual property rights. We believe that becoming a WIPO GREEN contributing partner will advance this concept and – in cooperation with the global partners connected through WIPO GREEN – will accelerate the creation of innovations that contribute to solving environmental and social issues.

Yuji Toda, Corporate Officer and General Manager, Intellectual Property Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


Honda Motor Company Ltd. is a public multinational conglomerate corporation.

Honda’s care for the environment starts with this simple desire: to leave blue skies for our children, to pass on the joy of living life fully on a clean, beautiful planet. This desire is also captured in our global environmental symbol, a green and blue globe representing land, sea, and sky. Being aware of its responsibility to current and future society, we are working diligently to reduce all environmental impacts from our products and business activities. By joining WIPO GREEN as a partner, Honda will continue to spread its environmental technologies and intellectual property worldwide in order to realize the “joy and freedom of mobility” and “sustainable society where people can enjoy life.

Hirokazu Bessho, Head of Supervisory Unit, Intellectual Property and Standardization Supervisory Unit, Honda Motor Company, Ltd.


IBM is a multinational information technology company. Access a full list of WIPO GREEN database entries for IBM.

IBM believes innovation can improve the way we work and live. WIPO GREEN is the innovative platform which enables technology providers to demonstrate and technology seekers to access the value of the green technology solutions and also helps the world to address environmental challenges. IBM is proud to join the WIPO GREEN partners’ network.

Dr. William R. LaFontaine Jr., General Manager, Intellectual Property, IBM Corporation


The International Trademark Association is a global not-for-profit advocacy association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation.

A brand is fundamentally a manifestation of values, and reflecting those values is INTA’s mission as the largest brand protection association. With the world facing challenges from environmental and social issues, the values and priorities consumers support are changing, and brands are at the forefront of the creation of a new and more sustainable definition of business. WIPO GREEN presents a perfect opportunity for brands to cooperate with worldwide stakeholders and organizations in the development of technologies and opportunities for change. INTA is pleased to partner with WIPO GREEN with a view to raising awareness of WIPO GREEN among all stakeholders, as expressed in the Memorandum of Understanding signed in early October 2019.

Dr. Anke Nordemann-Schiffel, Member of the INTA committee "Brands for a Better Society, International Trademark Association


Konica Minolta Inc. is a multinational technology company. Access a full list of WIPO GREEN database entries for Konica Minolta Ltd.

We strongly sympathize with the mission of WIPO GREEN, because at Konica Minolta we hope to use intellectual property not only for the benefit of our business, but also for solving social issues. We are convinced that resolving environmental and social issues will create growth opportunities for all of us. We also believe that sharing the intellectual property that we have built up, and allowing global partners and society to use it through WIPO GREEN, will be meaningful in our efforts to help resolve environmental, energy and other global social issues.

Motohiro Makino, General Manager, Corporate Intellectual Property Division, Konica Minolta Inc.


The Meiji University Center for Polymer Science is a research center for developing new materials and concepts for next generation polymeric functional membranes.

We hope to contribute to social development and the Sustainable Development Goals through the advancement of science and technology related to polymer science. We are the first Japanese academic institution to join WIPO GREEN, because we are interested in leveraging synergies in achieving this challenging goal. Meiji University Center for Polymer Science has been developing advanced technologies in the domains of purification and/or separation of environmentally sound materials as well as pollution removal. In the framework of this collaboration, the Center will register these technologies in the WIPO GREEN database and is looking forward to building alliances with relevant institutions in the developing countries through the WIPO GREEN network.

Dr. NAGAI Kazukiyo, Doctor of Engineering and Director, Meiji University Center for Polymer Science


MGIMO is A leading university for international, political, legal and economic studies.

MGIMO is an esteemed policy think-tank and a forum for debate and analysis of global issues. The University joins WIPO GREEN to support policy dialog between Europe and Asia, research activities in the fields of digital economy, green economy and technology transfer.

Anna Abramova, Head of the Department on digital economy and AI, MGIMO University


Panasonic Corporation is a multinational electronics corporation.

As a part of Panasonic’s "Environmental Vision 2050" initiative, with the aim of achieving both "better life" and "sustainable environment", we join WIPO GREEN to support innovation in environmental technology and the green technology transfer. Through this partnership, Panasonic Group hopes to accelerate the spread of environmental technologies globally, to promote sustainability management around the world, and further contribute to the future of the international society and our planet.

Yoshiaki Tokuda, Director of Intellectual Property Center, Panasonic Corporation


(Swiss federal agency for intellectual property.)

Green technologies are essential for resolving the global challenges we face today, such as climate change, sustainable agriculture and more generally achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Since intellectual property is important for innovation and the transfer of green technologies, we view WIPO GREEN as a key player at the international level to find solutions to these issues. The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) joins WIPO GREEN as a partner in order to lend our support in the realization of its Strategic Plan 2019-2023. We intend to collaborate with WIPO GREEN where we can provide added value, in particular by sharing our expertise and experiences and by participating in the implementation of activities.

Felix Addor, Deputy Director General, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property


Toyota Industries Corporation is a manufacturing corporation producing automobiles, materials handling equipment, textile machinery, etc.

Toyota Industries Corporation has actively addressed new technology development not only for the business growth but also for resolving environment issues in order to contribute to making the earth a better place to live, enrich lifestyles, and promote a compassionate society. We are convinced that the basic principle of WIPO GREEN, which supports global efforts to address climate changes, is entirely consistent with our corporate policy. We believe that our participation in the marketplace to exchange our technology and intellectual property with other partners will contribute to enhancing global technology development and eventually to addressing the global challenges related to climate and energy.

Masaki Ito, General Manager of Intellectual Property Department, Toyota Industries Corporation


WIPO GREEN is a global marketplace for sustainable technology, supporting global efforts to address climate change. Through its online database and regional activities, WIPO GREEN connects green tech seekers and providers in order to catalyze green innovation and accelerate green tech transfer and diffusion.