We have a new partner! WIPO GREEN teams up with University of Tokyo

October 4, 2021


WIPO GREEN is proud to announce the newest partner to join our mission to promote the use of green technologies: the University of Tokyo. It is situated in the leading innovation region of Tokyo-Yokohama, which was ranked as the highest performing in the top 100 science and technology clusters in the Global Innovation Index 2021 and has already uploaded several technologies to the WIPO GREEN database. These environmentally friendly technologies range from cellulose nanofibers – which are derived from plant waste to reinforce production of biodegradable high-tech and commodity materials, to fuel cells – which are electrochemicals making transportation cleaner and photocatalysis which is an emerging technique to treat waste water.

The University is currently conducting various environment-focused studies on next generation secondary batteries, innovative devices offering new types of electricity generation and research on bio-based materials.