Options for Treating and Valorizing Palm Oil Mill Effluent

October 25, 2021

Our new catalogue of technologies is available for your perusal on the WIPO GREEN homepage.

The WIPO GREEN Acceleration Project in Indonesia, which was financed by the government of Australia, is now complete. One of the outcomes of the project is a comprehensive catalogue, containing all identified needs and technologies for the treatment and valorization of palm oil mill effluent (POME) in Indonesia.

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About the catalogue

The document was produced by Winrock and the was informed by a series of interviews with palm oil mill owners, technology suppliers and industry associations. It is divided into six technology fields that offer realistic and feasible technological solutions. All the technologies seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an innovative way. The technology fields include biogas utilization, scum and sludge treatment, compost and fertilizer production, biochar production, and animal feed supplements production.

Why use the catalogue?

The catalogue is of value to all interested in climate change mitigation technologies and investment opportunities. It can equip financiers, palm oil mills, and industry organizations with information about technology suppliers and investment requirements that would help them to pursue these innovative solutions. The catalogue is also of relevance to other food processing and agriculture firms that generate large amounts of waste water with high organic content.

Get involved

Interested in one of the featured technologies in the catalogue? Head over to the WIPO GREEN Database where you can reach out to technology providers. We also welcome you to upload additional technologies and your specific needs to the database. In order to upload and contact others, you need to be registered. The database is a free public resource.