Apply now - Climate smart cities challenge

December 23, 2021

(Photo: WIPO)

Cities are responsible for around 75% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and the effects of climate change are ever visible in our daily lives. However, if carefully harnessed, cities can also be at the heart of the solution to the global climate crisis.

Solutions that will bring cities closer to carbon neutrality are the name of the game for the Climate Smart Cities Challenge, a joint initiative of UN-Habitat, Viable Cities, and Nesta. We invite WIPO GREEN users and stakeholders, innovators, technologists, SMEs, start/ups, city developers and the like to apply.

About the Climate Smart Cities Challenge

This competition is seeking solutions that address the unique climate- and sustainability-related challenges faced in four identified cities, namely Bogota, Colombia; Bristol, England; Curitiba, Brazil; and Makindye Ssabagabo, Uganda.

Applicants for this call will pitch their ideas to donors and investors with the goal of mobilizing over 300 million US Dollars in smart climate investments that will make implementation of your innovative project ideas possible.

Application deadline - 5 January 2021 at 17:00 (UTC)

Industry experts and competition partners will announce finalists on 20 January, 2022, at Expo 2020 Dubai. Thereafter, a series of activities will help to determine winning teams who will be announced at the World Urban Forum in Katowice, Poland, in June 2022.

Winning teams will:

  • Share a cash prize of 400,000 Euros
  • Participate in networking events
  • Have access to mentoring and training in business development
  • Gain visibility
  • Create a relationship with investors through the system demonstration process

In addition, a series of webinars and other events will help to provide applicants with some background information about the four identified cities - applicants are encouraged to sign up and attend these virtual events.

We hope you will take this opportunity to help make the world’s cities greener!


We also invite you to search the WIPO GREEN Database for green technological solutions that may be useful to you when addressing climate smart cities challenges.