WIPO GREEN Symposium charts path for future green technology strategy

November 6, 2023

On Nov. 1, 2023, the WIPO GREEN Symposium celebrated a decade of impact while also charting the path ahead to develop its new strategic plan. Marking the 10th Anniversary of WIPO GREEN, this event convened experts and stakeholders to discuss ways in which green technologies can be harnessed in the fight against climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.

(Image: WIPO/Berrod)

Today, we mark not only 10 years of WIPO GREEN, but 10 years of accelerating climate action.

Mr. Daren Tang, Director General of WIPO

The tone of urgency and the need for action was set by high-level attendees from governments, international organization secretariats, research institutions, academia, and civil society. “I am pleased to see a wide range of speakers from a diverse set of stakeholders coming together today to address this challenge which is existential for our planet and people”, Mr. Tang emphasized, citing the widespread political momentum gained to combat climate change from international agreements like the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Throughout the day, thematic panels discussed market-ready innovations, underscoring the need for technologies that resonate with local communities. “Localization of technologies is important. Implementing technologies takes place at a local level, so it is essential that we have stakeholder engagement at local level where we look at needs as well as endogenous knowledge,” remarked Mr. Rajiv Garg, Interim Director, United Nations Climate Technology Centre and Network.

Discussions also delved into overcoming informational and financial barriers in green technology deployment and dissemination. Mr. André Schneider, CEO of Geneva Airport, delivered the keynote address, sharing the airport's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. “Geneva Airport is pursuing a sustainable development strategy to reduce its carbon footprint and to meet the expectation of the region and its communities”, he said.

A fireside chat, moderated by Ambassador Sophia Boza, Permanent Representative of Chile to the World Trade Organization and WIPO, brought perspectives on fostering a green technology transition, with insights from Mr. Joseph Murabula, CEO of Kenya Climate Innovation Centre, Mr. Nicolas Niggli, Deputy Secretary General, Republic and State of Geneva, Department of Economic Development, and Mr. Schneider.

Dr. Edward Kwakwa, Assistant Director General of WIPO, concluded the Symposium, highlighting the need to invest in green technologies. “Today was not just about celebrating WIPO GREEN’s first 10 years, it was also a day of reflection, a day of learning, and most importantly, a day of collective responsibility”, he emphasized.

The message from the Symposium is clear: this is not just a celebration of past achievements, but a decisive step towards a sustainable future. The event underlined a decade of progress in green innovation and set the stage for more proactive measures in the years to come.

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