Bringing Joy and Clean Water: A WIPO GREEN Success Story in Tajikistan

June 26, 2024

A WIPO GREEN match making event in Tajikistan has brought clean water to a school for children with disabilities. Working with local partners and philanthropists, WIPO GREEN with the help of colleagues from WIPO’s Transition and Developed Countries Division (TDC) responded to this challenge by providing solution with proper water management through water tanks, valves, sensors, and insulation. This project is a model of collaboration which brings clean water to these children.

The Hisor district in Tajikistan is home to a boarding school for children with cerebral palsy and poliomyelitis. These children face significant challenges, and access to clean drinking water, a basic human necessity, was unfortunately one of them. On May 25th, 2024, a WIPO GREEN matching-making event was held at the school, bringing together a community dedicated to the well-being of these children.

Children at the boarding school in the Hisor district, Tajikistan. (Image: Qurbonali Mirov, Moores Rowland Tajikistan)

Matching Needs with Solutions

The event served as a platform for collaboration. Besides the students, the staff and management of the boarding school were present at the event. Joining them were on-ground consultants from WIPO GREEN. The event also welcomed two local philanthropists who, with unwavering generosity, pledged their support to the matchmaking event.

Tangible Results Reached

WIPO GREEN, in collaboration with its on-ground consultants Moores Rowland Tajikistan, provided a one cubic meter water tank. A second tank was donated by one of the local philanthropists. Combined, these tanks offered a total capacity of two cubic meters of water storage.

Photo of the water tanks in the school. (Image: Qurbonali Mirov, Moores Rowland Tajikistan)

To ensure efficient water management, a system of shut-off valves was installed, allowing for precise control of water flow. The upper and lower-level water control sensors were integrated into the tanks. These intelligent sensors provided real-time information on water levels, preventing overflow and ensuring optimal usage. An emergency pipeline was also installed, offering an additional layer of security in case of unforeseen circumstances. The project also ensured proper insulation of the water tanks using glass wool and foil coating.

Photo of the running water taps in the facility by the Director of the boarding school. (Image: Qurbonali Mirov, Moores Rowland Tajikistan)

Going Beyond Equipment

Certificate of Appreciation for WIPO GREEN from the Ministry of Education and Science
Certificate of Appreciation
for WIPO GREEN from the
Ministry of Education and Science

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The financial contribution of the philanthropists extended beyond the water tanks. Their generosity covered the entire cost of installation, which included:

  • Strategic Placement: Installation of a one cubic meter water tank in the attic of the kitchen/laundry building, ensuring easy access for both facilities.
  • Connecting the Dots: Integrating the new water tank with the existing internal water supply system. This included connections to the laundry room, equipped with three 10 kg washing machines, and the kitchen, where two 100-liter electric water heaters were present.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The additional one cubic meter tank, along with shut-off valves, further optimized water distribution throughout the facility.
  • Smart Monitoring: Installation of upper and lower-level control sensors to monitor water levels, an emergency discharge pipe for unforeseen situations, and insulation of the tank itself.

Recognizing the Power of Partnership

The technical and advisory support of WIPO GREEN and it’s on-ground consultants was recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science. The matchmaking event at the boarding school in Hisor showcases how innovative solutions, coupled with local generosity and international collaboration, can address critical needs and bring lasting positive change.

By facilitating the implementation of sustainable solutions in Tajikistan, WIPO, through its public-private partnership program WIPO Green supported by the Transition and Developed Countries Division (TDC), has demonstrated the profound impact of innovative environmental technologies on improving access to essential resources for everyone, everywhere.

This project serves as a powerful model, inspiring future initiatives to ensure that access to clean water becomes a reality for all.