WIPO Director General Opens Online Seminar on Youth Engagement in Green Innovation

November 12, 2020

Young people are particularly engaged in efforts to promote sustainable lifestyles and take action on developing and implementing environmentally friendly practices, WIPO Director General Daren Tang said in opening WIPO GREEN webinar on youth engagement.

The webinar Walk the Talk: Best practices and empowerment strategies for youth engagement in green innovation, held by WIPO GREEN on Thursday, November 12, 2020, gathered 250 registered participants and 10 expert speakers.

In welcoming the participants, Mr. Tang extended a special welcome to the young innovators attending the event and highlighted the innate drive to innovate as one of the defining features of humanity.

“Our mission is to help support and facilitate innovation and creativity for the benefit of all people and the countries that we represent,” said Mr. Tang.

“One of my key priorities is to ensure that the global IP system is vibrant and forward-looking, helping to find solutions that address the global challenges of our times,” said the Director General, underlining that the issues of stopping, reversing, and preventing future environmental degradation and mitigating the impacts of climate change are some of the top priorities.

Mr. Tang highlighted that youth are often the driving force behind environmental changes and play “a vital role in driving technology innovation, adaptation and change.”

“You will be the main users of new technologies in the future," said Mr. Tang, addressing the young audience of the webinar. Therefore, youth leadership in making the change towards green technology "is not only valuable but necessary,” he continued.

The Director General also emphasised the role of WIPO’s green technology matchmaking initiative WIPO GREEN, that seeks to facilitate the engagement of young people in the development and dissemination of green technology. “We hope that this platform can support young innovators <...> who invent solutions to environmental challenges and to engage our partner network to support youth-led initiatives,” said Mr. Tang.

After the welcome address by WIPO Director General and an introductory statement by WIPO GREEN’s Fleure Maricaux, two panel discussions will be taking place. During the first panel discussion, experts from the World Economic Forum, Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), EIT Climate-KIC and World Food Programme will share their perspectives on leveraging the potential of young people to address climate change. The second panel will provide a platform for young innovators to speak about their experiences and challenges.

Walk the Talk: Best practices and empowerment strategies for youth engagement in green innovation

The webinar brings together young green tech innovators and global experts in youth empowerment and sustainable innovation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged economies and societies globally to embark on a green recovery pathway. Simultaneously, the role youth play in promoting and advancing sustainable development is becoming increasingly prominent. With its newly launched youth engagement initiative, WIPO GREEN aims to increase visibility of young entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators, and empower them to provide solutions to global environmental challenges using intellectual property rights as a vehicle and as an essential tool.

Addressing climate challenges with innovation. WIPO GREEN guide for youth roundtables This guide is designed to help young people better understand the ways in which they can use innovation in the climate crisis response.


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